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Your life is your choice

Written on January 4th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

I woke up today and decided to do thirty minutes of hoola-hoop (as part of my daily exercise) and while doing so, I decided to turn on the TV and watch HBO. The featured film was Mona Lisa Smile starring one of my favorite actresses, Julia Roberts. She plays a free-thinking art professor who teaches conservative 50′s Wellesley girls to question their traditional societal roles. She encourages her students strive for a more enlightened future and not be stuck with the stereo-type stay-at-home housewives. Not that I have anything against being a SAHM, cause I am a SAHM myself. But during those days, it was okay for female college students to get married while in school as if their only role is to get a husband to take care of.

I am so glad not to be part of that era. It will be very hard for a free-spirited, fun-loving person like me to conform with the norms during those days.

But the movie inspired me some more to look beyond just like the book that I just finished. It’s by Bo Sanchez, it’s called 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich which I find very moving… encourages me to achieve more.

“Don’t limit yourself. You’re bigger than you think you are. I believe that love is limitless. It has no boundaries. I do what I do because I want to love people…. Wake up each morning and ask, “How can I bless the world more?”– Bo Sanchez, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

The thing is ever since I became a stay-at-home mom, I have limited myself to what I can do, depending on my husband so much. Good thing the Lord has blessed me with a very supportive husband. (Thank you Lord!)

Your life is your choice, whatever you want to become, you can achieve and you should not be afraid to fail. Most people blame others — their parents, their poverty, their lack of college education for their failure to be successful. Wrong! Bill Gates was a college drop out, and most of the Chinese tycoons here in the Philippines were not born with a silver spoon, they had to work hard for the empire they own right now.

All I am saying is if your stuck with your eight to five job, Pediatrician Jobs, clerical jobs, you can succeed if you want to.

As for me, this year is a milestone in my entrepreneurial life — I am going to start anew. And as long as I put my best foot forward and the Lord is there to guide me, I know I will succeed.

Busy as a bee

Written on November 24th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

My schedule is so crazy nowadays that I do not even have time to take a pause and indulge in some relaxing massage or a facial. I remember the last time I was this busy was when I was working and started selling baked goodies on the side. I go to work feeling like a zombie, because I need to finish my baking at 2am. Now, I feel like I look like a zombie, :-) My hair color is starting to fade, my face is starting to break and my nails…arrrgh! But no worries, I shall have my “ME” after the Holidays and de-stress myself. Good thing, I still find time to squeeze in my exercise regimen, which I feel is the most important of all.

Even with all the toxicity, of course, I still don’t forget to look Fab :-) I try to put on make up even just a hint of blush, a lipstick and of course, my mascara. Good thing I am blessed with a good skin type and naturally long lashes, teeheehee. Once I was asked by an office mate if I was putting on fake lashes and even inquired about the best eyelash growth product I was using. “Oh, this is my natural lash. I just placed mascara,” I replied with a smile.

Working in front of people has taught me to dress and look good even when I am busy, it gives me no excuse to look hideous. Oh that’s not me at all. Others tell me that when you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) that gives you a good reason not to dress up. I say No! I probably wouldn’t be wearing my usual office attire but I certainly wouldn’t wear anything crappy. You always need to look good, whether you are working or not.

The power to just shut down

Written on March 7th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Two weeks ago, a head hunter called me and asked if I were interested to look at a career opportunity, I immediately declined. After hanging up the phone, there was something at the back of my head telling that I should have explored. I got another invitation from a friend and now I am seriously considering delving into the possibilities of going back to the corporate world.

Yes, I kinda miss it. The adrenaline rush, the stress…. hahaha. My friends would be laughing at me if they hear it. I can hear them say, “Are you sadistic or what?”

One thing that is really stopping me now are my children. As a working mother, there a so many demands on your time. I am afraid that I won’t be there for my kids in terms of time, and that even if I am home, I might not be there for them with them 100% because I am so stressed.

If there’s one thing I haven’t mastered is the power to shut down. It seems impossible to get my work done without bringing it home. Oh, I tell you I envy my husband who can just switch of once he’s home. And even during weekends, he’s can just relax without having to worry about work. It’s like he can buy montecristo cigars and just puff it away without fret.

Oh my, that’s not me. Once I head out to work, I start the day much earlier that usual so that I have plenty of time to relax and fix my schedule. When the day is done, I rush home to see my kids, check their homework, have dinner, shower and bedtime. So where’s the me time there?

Alright I guess I need to master the art of leaving my work at the office before I contemplate on going back to the corporate world again.

My Life Online

Written on September 20th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

For years now, I have found doing most of my work online. It started as a way of chronicling my life as a mom but as time goes, it gave way for me to earn a little. A passive income as I always say. Now I cannot even imagine a day without an internet connection.

My day starts with turning my laptop on even before I eat my breakfast. Although other people may brand me as a “computer addict” but I say otherwise. Why? Because I find a lot of productive ways to do online and I do not let my day end without achieving something. Addiction is when you literally spend time doing nothing while wasting all of your time.

Daily achievements for me is very important no matter how little it maybe. However, there are some downside to having a life online since your life can become a bit sedentary that even if you take in the safest fat burner in the market, I don’t think it would work without any physical activity. So for people like me, you just need to find a way to get your dose of daily exercise like hitting the gym, jogging around the village or even go biking.

Being an Entrepremom

Written on May 29th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

After giving up my career in the corporate world, I am now trying to embrace the virtues of a single income family which is Simplicity, Sacrifice and above all Humility. Which are excellent virtues and I believe everyone should practice.

My kiddosThe joys of a stay-at-home mom cannot be compared to anything material. Please do not take this any other way especially the working moms, I grew up with one and I was once a working mom, juggling my life in the office and my responsibilities at home and I commend the moms who can successfully balance work and home. On my end, I believe that I need to learn more on how to do that balancing act. Now that I am a budding entrepremom, I am once again faced with the challenges of living a well-balanced life.

I believe I can do this! At the end of the day, even if I am caught up with my hectic daily activities, I always take a pause and reflect on the real reason why I am doing these things – for my loved ones especially for my children. Knowing that, I regain my perspective and know that whatever I set out to accomplish each and every day has a purpose.