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The power to just shut down

Written on March 7th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Two weeks ago, a head hunter called me and asked if I were interested to look at a career opportunity, I immediately declined. After hanging up the phone, there was something at the back of my head telling that I should have explored. I got another invitation from a friend and now I am seriously considering delving into the possibilities of going back to the corporate world.

Yes, I kinda miss it. The adrenaline rush, the stress…. hahaha. My friends would be laughing at me if they hear it. I can hear them say, “Are you sadistic or what?”

One thing that is really stopping me now are my children. As a working mother, there a so many demands on your time. I am afraid that I won’t be there for my kids in terms of time, and that even if I am home, I might not be there for them with them 100% because I am so stressed.

If there’s one thing I haven’t mastered is the power to shut down. It seems impossible to get my work done without bringing it home. Oh, I tell you I envy my husband who can just switch of once he’s home. And even during weekends, he’s can just relax without having to worry about work. It’s like he can buy montecristo cigars and just puff it away without fret.

Oh my, that’s not me. Once I head out to work, I start the day much earlier that usual so that I have plenty of time to relax and fix my schedule. When the day is done, I rush home to see my kids, check their homework, have dinner, shower and bedtime. So where’s the me time there?

Alright I guess I need to master the art of leaving my work at the office before I contemplate on going back to the corporate world again.

Starting your day right

Written on October 21st, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

I personally believe that the secret to having a perfect day begins with how you start your day. Speaking from experience, it’s always best to wake up on time in order to jump start your day. Even when I was working, I never had the habit of beating the clock or even consuming the given grace period for one to be declared tardy. Not to be righteous or anything, but who would even want to always be catching your breath because you were running to beat the clock? Or smelling the scent of your sweat during the early morning meeting because you didn’t have time to freshen up?

SLEEP EARLY – A perfect day begin kicks off on a relaxed mood. When you wake up in the morning knowing that your body have acquired enough sleep (that’s at least 6-8 hours of sleep), your body is a 100% recharged and ready for a whole new day.

SET THE ALARM -During the days, when I really need to get up early. I set three alarms, my bedside alarm, my phone and my house help, just to be sure! Exactly what days are those days? Training days- as a training person, I need to be there before anybody else so I can set-up the room. Important meetings – just like I said, I want to enter a room in a relaxed manner, this way my aura exudes from inside and out. Remember when you are positive, you invite positive things. Flights – no one would want to late for a flight or you’re in big trouble especially if people are waiting for you on the other end.

STRETCH A LITTLE If you do not have time for a full work out, do a little stretching. You need to let your blood circulate a bit.

FRESHEN UP Nothing beats a nice shower to perk up that foggy head. It’s not only a way of cleansing your body but also your mind.

TURN ON THE MUSIC Studies have shown that listening to music that has an upbeat or strong beat can stimulate brainwaves which leads to a more alert mind.

EAT BREAKFAST from the word itself, it’s breaking the fast, that’s why it is the most important meal of the day. You get all your energy from this meal. Funny, because I am never a breakfast person but I see to it that I take at least any one of the following a toast, cereals, oatmeal or pancakes and of course, my daily dose of caffeine.

Lastly, THINK POSITIVE– having a positive outlook in life allows you to deal with any stressful and frustrating situation. My secret, I offer my day to the Lord. That no matter what, I know everything will turn out fine.

The practice of starting your day right to end with a perfect day is a matter of choice. It’s quite a challenge but it can be done. So make your choice.

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