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Goodbye Summer

Written on June 24th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

Summer has ended and kids are now back to school. Their summer program has also ended. My son, who took up piano lessons this summer, refused to join the recital. I guess he still has to overcome his stage fright. Next summer, he wants to learn the guitar and pay the electric guitar like the epiphone les paul silverburst. Oh well, as long as they are happy and more blessings would come for me to afford it…It won’t be a problem.

I love summer! especially when I know that the kids are home and I can spend quality time them and cook up vacations and even staycations — it’s enough to make me happy. For soon, I know they will have their own activities that won’t even include me at all. For now, I am still savoring the moment ;-)




Summer Activities

Written on April 1st, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

It’s summer once again and I have to think of ways to keep my kids busy.

After discussing with my children, and asked them what they like, my boy decided to take up piano lessons. He was also considering guitar lessons so he can also learn to use her sister’s nylon string guitar but I told him once you know how to read notes, it will be easy for you to read chords. So, piano lessons it is for him this summer.

As for my daughter,  Hubby asked her to work for our newly opened office for the summer so she can help set up :-)  I say it’s a good training ground especially now that she has graduated from high school. It’s also a good time to bond with us, her parents before she goes into a boarding house next year.



Movie marathon

Written on May 1st, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

One of the things that me and my kids love to do nowadays is to watch DVD and have a movie marathon. Now that they are on vacation, we have more time to catch up with the shows and movies we have missed. It’s one of the bonding moments I have with the kids.

As to what movie to watch? We take turns. One day my daughter will choose and the next my son, and then me. If hubby is free to join us, he gets to choose what movie to watch. Ain’t it fun? Bonding without spending too much.

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Summer lessons

Written on February 29th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

Summer is here once again. In a few weeks, the kids will be out of school and they are now thinking of what to keep them busy this summer break. Despite the fact that we, as parents would want to take a break from spending, it’s inevitable that they enroll in summer classes to keep them away from spending the whole day in front of the TV or their console games.

My daughter still insists on continuing with her cheer leading camp despite her injury. We still have to decide whether to allow her or not. My boy, on the other hand, aside from his basketball clinic, would want to try out piano or guitar lessons. I’d rather he decides on taking up piano lessons since we already have a piano at home. If he decides to take guitar lessons, it’ll be a lot more expensive since we need to purchase him a guitar or even choose from different Fender Guitars in the market.

Oh well, whatever they decide, it will all be up to them. As for me, I sure hope we have enough funds to send them to these summer classes, for sanity’s sake. LOL! It’s harder for me to let them stay home and hear them say… “I’m bored!”, every now and then :-)

Scorching summer

Written on May 5th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

This abnormally temperature is once again taking its toll on my skin. Sigh! The mere fact that the heat is paralyzing, the rashes on my skin just makes it worse.

Just going out the doors of our house is already an effort, it’s like you’re stepping inside a sauna. I guess this the effect of global warming. During these times, I miss being inside an air-conditioned office… well, you win some, you lose some.

If I have a choice, I would spend summer in the mountain where the air is fresh and there is cool breeze but I can’t. A lot of what ifs… I just wish summer is over and my skin will be back to normal.

At least this heat, makes me lose some extra pounds just by sweating… wink ;-)

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Gear up for summer

Written on March 10th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

PalawanSummer is here once again. The kids are so excited with all the activities especially their favorite … going to the beach.

Although I have admitted more than once that I am not a summer person, however when my kids get excited, I too becomes so eager to go. I know Moms would agree withe me that whenever you go on a trip, be it land trip or by plane, when you happen to bring your children it becomes a “big production” number. Oh, believe me my husband can scratch his head in dismay but he can’t do anything about it.

No matter how I try, I cannot be a light traveler when my children are with me even now that they are big enough to tend for themselves. Call it OC or what? But for me, it’s better to gear up than be sorry.

Here are some of my travel essentials for our out of town trips:

  • summer clothes (how many will depend on how many days will be out)
  • beach wear, if needed
  • sunblock, a must even if you’re not going to the beach
  • wet tissues
  • tissue
  • mosquito repellant
  • first-aid kit (includes band-aid, betadine, alcohol, paracetamol, etc.)
  • toiletries
  • Footwear – slip resistant or non skid, for trekking or hiking; slippers for the beach.
  • Pastime for kids – board games, sketch pads, books or other reading materials

Alright, so those are just the essentials. What else to pack will ready depend on where we are going and what amenities are available. Good thing my kids are almost grown up or else the list would be longer.

It is always bring the right stuff when traveling with children. You need to make them comfortable if you want a relaxed atmosphere during your trip and for sanity’s sake.