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Busy as a bee

Written on November 24th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

My schedule is so crazy nowadays that I do not even have time to take a pause and indulge in some relaxing massage or a facial. I remember the last time I was this busy was when I was working and started selling baked goodies on the side. I go to work feeling like a zombie, because I need to finish my baking at 2am. Now, I feel like I look like a zombie, :-) My hair color is starting to fade, my face is starting to break and my nails…arrrgh! But no worries, I shall have my “ME” after the Holidays and de-stress myself. Good thing, I still find time to squeeze in my exercise regimen, which I feel is the most important of all.

Even with all the toxicity, of course, I still don’t forget to look Fab :-) I try to put on make up even just a hint of blush, a lipstick and of course, my mascara. Good thing I am blessed with a good skin type and naturally long lashes, teeheehee. Once I was asked by an office mate if I was putting on fake lashes and even inquired about the best eyelash growth product I was using. “Oh, this is my natural lash. I just placed mascara,” I replied with a smile.

Working in front of people has taught me to dress and look good even when I am busy, it gives me no excuse to look hideous. Oh that’s not me at all. Others tell me that when you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) that gives you a good reason not to dress up. I say No! I probably wouldn’t be wearing my usual office attire but I certainly wouldn’t wear anything crappy. You always need to look good, whether you are working or not.

Overcoming Stress

Written on October 22nd, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

It’s been a hectic 2 weeks for me and I guess it took its toll on my health. I was bed-ridden the last weekend and it was the first time I have felt the kind of pain in which my muscles ached so badly, I literally cannot move.

Hubby said I was stressed! Yeah, but it was a different kind of stress. I am comparing the stress I had when I was in the corporate world. This “stress” gave me fulfillment .. which make me feel the need to still get up and do more. I believe it is when you love what you are doing that you overcome stress. Not to say that I did not find satisfaction when I was working as an employee, I did! In fact, I loved how I was able to deal with different people but at some point, when you can no longer enjoy the time and you’re all tied up at work… it will get you thinking. Is it all worth it?

Now, I added a little zest into my life, taking some risks and after all the setbacks, I am back on my feet. Life would be so boring if you don’t take chances once in awhile. Your body will always look for that adrenaline rush, and so just like some people who add flavor on their swisher cigars, I had to venture into something new.

My physical body has always been weak, but when your spirits are high nothing can put you down. I enjoy what I am doing now, I have my own time which enables me to spend more time with my kids.

And so, I move on! Even when I still have a funny voice (due to colds) and coughs every once in a while, I still got up Monday and did the work that had to be done. I couldn’t say that stress is no longer there…. but I can easily overcome it. It’s all about managing it!

10 Tips to de-stress yourself

Written on February 22nd, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Juggling your time between work, dealing with household tasks, taking care of the children can leave you feeling exhausted everyday. You also need to take time for yourself, take a deep breathe and de-stress yourself.

Identify your stressors – During the time that I was still working, I always find myself rushing back home to check on my kid’s home work. It leaves me feeling exhausted even though I am already home. I told myself and the kids that we should device something to make this activity less stressful. I asked them to do their homework on their own and my job would be just to check on them.

Identifying your stressor is the most important thing. Take a little time to jot down the tasks you do every day/week. Why is it stressing you out? Maybe it’s the activity or even the people involved in doing the activity. Find ways to eliminate them or just make it less stressful for you.

Be Organized - Take time to de-clutter. Organize and free up more space. When you see clutter, it prompts us to think about the things we need to do (backlogs). This activity does not only lead to an organized home/work space but it also de-clutters your mind. Try this and you’ll see positive results and will give you a fresh, new out look.

Don’t Whine – Always remember that the only thing you can control is yourself. Try not to whine over the things that you cannot control like the people you work with, the work place or your appointments. Instead, try to change the way you look at these things. If you keep on whining about things you cannot control this can cause so much energy drain on your part. Try to be positive in everything that you do.

Pick your battles – Learn to say no. Try not to dip your fingers into every little problem that comes your way. Learn to let go of things especially if it does not concern you. If you can delegate tasks, it can ease the burden on your end. Learning to let go of some things will have will free up not only some of your time but will also create some space for yourself.

emotional-wellness-dimension-of-wellnessEngage in physical activity – Give yourself an endorphin boost. Studies have shown that exercise helps to ease stress. Try brisk walking around the park, kick boxing or even yoga to help you de-clutter your mind. A regular exercise regimen is not only good for the mind but can boost our health too. This way you can also manage your weight and dwell your energy on weight loss pills that work.

Celebrate small achievements Give yourself a pat in the back once in a while. Go out with friends or schedule a weekend getaway with your family after finishing a project or a deadline.

Embark on something relaxing and creative – Squeeze out those creative juices and try to learn something new. It can be as simple as scrap booking or if you have the talent, you can try painting or even photography. These activities will give way for your mind to relax.

Live by the day – Worrying about what happened in the past and what you have to do in the future is a stressful way to live your life. Instead, take one thing at a time and focus your energy on what is happening now. Although it is always good to set goals for yourself but you have to work on it one step at a time. It’s a lot easier than to take giant leaps. Give yourself some time to breathe and try not to push yourself too hard.

Surround yourself with positive people and avoid difficult people. Among your friends and acquaintances, you know who they are –those people who whine about the little things in life and gossip about people. These people will drain your energy cause you more stress. It is much better to surround yourself with happy and positive people. These people will uplift your spirits and make amazing companions.

Be Thankful - An attitude of gratitude is one way of attracting positive things in your life. Learn to be thankful for the little things — your job, your family and friends, your house and all the comforts that you have and most importantly, the gift of life. Learning to be grateful is a wonderful to live life.

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What relaxes you?

Written on October 26th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

With the rigors of our daily life, it is a necessity for us to find ways to relax — for our bodies to recharge and for sanity’s sake. Relaxation is relative, it differs from each individual’s perspective.

Spa or Massage – Studies have shown that massage can be therapeutic. It improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and stimulate muscles to increase muscle strength. I remember a neurologist-friend even prescribed a weekly massage for me to lessen my migraine attacks and to alleviate my back pains. From then on, I never considered my massage appointments a luxury (wink).

Regular Exercises – Exercise releases endorphins or the “happy hormones”. That’s why we feel really good after sweating out in the gym, finishing our daily running route or a daily dose of Yoga.

8 BallNight out with Friends – My hubby, the “couch potato” is not very fond of massages or trips to the gym. He finds pleasure in taking one night out with friends playing billiards and just chatting the night away.

Weekend Getaway – a little trip out of the busy streets of the Metro, can surely help you recharge. Whether you’re with your family or friends, a little R and R (rest and recreation) won’r hurt. Most especially if you are in the hands of Mother Nature, it is a nice way of getting those cobwebs out and clearing your mind.

Music – For a quick sedative, some people find relaxing music the best way to calm their moods.’

There are a lot of ways for people to relax. It doesn’t require you to spend, you can probably open a bottle of your favorite wine and smoke some cigars with friends while enjoying the view of the ocean or the mountains. Whatever it is, take a break! It gives your mind the chance to rest, your body energized and relieves you of stress.