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Avoiding skin ageing

Written on May 29th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Whenever possible, I avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Every day before I go out, I never forget to put on my moisturizer with sunscreen. Prevention is better than cure. I have always been a believer of that. It’s easier to prevent damage than to repair it.

To a point, you can always prevent premature skin ageing when you can lessen your exposure to sunlight, smoke and stress. For me, without putting on SPF on my face, my bare skin can feel the tingling effect of sun exposure, that’s why I always make it a point to put on sunblock.

In addition, proper skin care never fails. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and of course, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. With those steps in mind, you can never fail.


Remember : Make sure to consult your physician when taking hgh supplements!

Understanding Acne

Written on March 18th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

All acne starts with a comedo, a plug of keratin and sebum (oil) within the dilated hair follicle that oftentimes contain bacteria.
Acne can be categorized into two – the inflammatory acne and non-inflammatory acne. The non-inflammatory acne includes the more common whiteheads and blackheads. While the inflammatory ones or those that are most bothersome are the Papule, Pustule, Nodule (Cyst) and the most severe type is the Acne Conglobata.

The best way to fight acne is to understand what you are up against. Acne is not a life-threatening disease however it can cause a great deal of anxiety and emotional trauma especially to teenagers. But, before you spend a huge number of cash on prescription acne medication and other expensive acne treatments, it is best to consult the medical experts. Visit your dermatologist so they can recommend the proper treatment.

Stress and your skin

Written on March 18th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

STRESSHave you ever noticed those pimples breaking out whenever you’re rushing to meet the deadline, during final exams or whenever you are under a lot of pressure? The skin is one of the first places that show signs of stress.
Although there are many factors that cause acne or pimple outbreak, stress is considered one of main culprits. However we want to look good under a stressful situation the skin, being the largest organ in our body, has direct connections to our brain and its negative effects manifest physically. A headache you can camouflage but a pimple mark can be noticed very easily.
Stress affects your body in a lot of different ways both emotionally and physically. When you experience stress, our hormones act up causing a lot of changes in our body such as slow digestion, faster heartbeat and when it comes to skin – it reduces the lipid barrier allowing fluid to evaporate more quickly thereby resulting to dryness. Dryness can cause acne.
One way to avoid stress is to understand what causes it. You should be able to pinpoint your stressors in order better manage your stress. Stress free means acnefree.