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Choosing a college degree

Written on December 2nd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

“Mom, I want to become a Forensic Scientist,” exclaimed my teenage daughter who is now in high school. I gazed at her in disbelief swallowing before I retorted, “I think you need to go to the States for you to have the best education in that field…. and I think your Papa needs to work double time for us to afford that.” She only smiled at my reply.

That conversation gave me both shock and admiration at my child’s dream. Well, it was mainly contributed by television — the likes of CSI and Bones. It’s a good kind of influence. I would have preferred for her to be a doctor but I would not want to dictate what I want for them like what my parents did. Dad wanted me to become a nurse, that’s why I transferred to a school with a nursing degree in the hopes that I will change my mind. Honestly, I could not imagine myself wearing those nursing scrubs, not to discredit the nurses but it’s just not ME! I would faint at the sight of enormous amounts of blood. That’s why I honestly admire those in medical field, that is definitely not my line.

As parents, hubs and I agreed that we will not force them to take any degree that they do not want. You need to enjoy what you are doing for you to be successful. Ain’t that right? Choosing a college degree will be the mark of what you want to become. It’s the stepping stone to your dreams. It is critical that you discern what you really want.

All we have to do now is pray and work hard that we can sustain their college education (crossing fingers).