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On the look out for a good bargain

Written on November 23rd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Christmas shopping is always a good time to hunt for a good bargain. That is why I visit bazaars, not only can I find bargain deals but also unique gift ideas.

My husband considers me a shopaholic but I say, I am a smart shopper. As early as September, I have been hoarding “sale items” for our Christmas gifts. Even though I have to brave through the thick blanket of people, I would do that just to have the best value for my money.

I just wish we also have bargains like in the US such Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. Thanksgiving is such a big deal for them and they celebrate it by giving shoppers Thanksgiving sale at the mall. Oooooh, I would probably go ga-ga over there. teeheheheeee.

I am almost half done with my Christmas list and I am having so much fun doing the shopping :-)

Rustan’s Shangri-la Fire Sale

Written on May 18th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Rustans Fire SaleLate April fire struck the basement of Rustan’s Shangri-la in Mandaluyong and according to reports, the fire started at the storage room of Rustan’s Supermarket. Although the fire was immediately controlled, the smoke continued to spread all over the building prompting shoppers and moviegoers to evacuate. This incident also left merchandise of Rustan’s Department Store slightly damaged by smoke thus resulting to the Rustan’s Fire Sale. The sale started May 5 which extended up to May 16.

Shoppers rapidly flocked the store knowing that most of the items were up to 70% off. I have seen the long lines and I have the sale items and if you’re a shopaholic, you’d surely go home with a lot of loot.

These kinds of sale are an excellent way to find bargain finds for your own use or for gift giving, if you have enough excess money to spend. You will surely find an item that can be considered a best buy.