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When Anxiety Attacks

Written on August 20th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

For a control freak like me, having anxieties every now and then are very common. However, I have learned to master the art of controlling this emotion but then when some major events happen in my life and I cannot seem to have control of anything, I find it very difficult to handle anxiety.

Just yesterday, I have felt some of the major symptoms of anxiety and it scared the hell out of me. My heart was pounding, my body was sweating, excruciating headache and nausea. When I try to vomit, I felt as if my jaws are about to lock like my whole body was crumbling. It was then I realized that my body was talking to me and I had to succumb to it. I turned on the air conditioning unit, lied down on my bed and emptied myself out – tried not to think of anything.

Men, did it scare me! I am fine now but the feeling has left a scar. I promised myself I had to let go. Anxiety for me is more than just emotions, it is my body’s defense mechanism against stress.

I guess I have to learn more on controlling these emotions. Now, I understand why a person who goes through these attacks end up in depression. I have felt it and if you do not recognize the symptoms, the fear can be paralyzing which may turn into a serious medical condition or a mental disorder.

The following day, I heard mass and asked for guidance and of course, forgiveness. Forgiveness because I have failed once again to let go and let GOD. I am only human and I cannot control everything that comes my way and I admit that. Accepting your weaknesses may seem very hard but it’s the first step to realizing there is something wrong and find a way to fight and turn these weaknesses into a strength. This way you let it work for you and not against you

On the other hand, nothing can beat retail therapy to fight any amount of stress :-) . I just can’t help but visit my favourite department store and check out the latest in their women’s apparel section.

Retail Therapy

Written on April 4th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping!

Ils4278 confessed to being a shopaholic, I have learned my lesson and now I know better. Admittedly, the primary purpose of shopping for me was to take away my mind from problems and improve my current mood. But it was all short-lived! What’s worse, the so-called “comfort buys” or the items I purchased during that spur of the moment shopping, are normally things that I do not really need. It maybe what I want but at that moment it’s not really part of what we need.

I’m so glad I am over that phase, when you have a family especially kids, you need to become skilled at living within the budget and come to terms with the fact that there are more important things to prioritize.

On the other hand, I still go to the malls but now I find pleasure in window shopping. I have discovered that I have the discipline to think twice (or even sleep it over) before buying something, especially the big ticket items. Isn’t it nice to do window shopping and have those very handy wireless laser scanners, such as the ls4278. This way you know exactly what the price is even without asking for assistance. How convenient can that be?