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Enlightening my daughter on True Beauty

Written on October 16th, 2009 by sassymom2 shouts

Tonight this was the question my teenage daughter asked me, “Mom, when did you start having curves?” Honestly, I was astounded by the question. I told her not to think so much about her physical beauty, because she is beautiful as it is. I added that is not good to be conscious about her figure and weight.

I was forced to show her this video from Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. This was shared to me by my sister a couple of days ago through Facebook.

It is indeed a challenge to raise a young lady nowadays, most especially when their perception of beauty is what they see from fashion magazines and billboards. From the society and the fashion world that we live in now, they seem to define beauty as size O and perfect facial features. Thus putting so much pressure on young girls to look that way and it can be perilous.

Me and my hubby have had serious discussion as to how critical his role is being the first male authority in our young girl’s life. According to research as told by the book “Father Effects: How Your Father Influenced Who You Are and Who You Love,” it points out that young girls feel abandoned and rejected without their father’s presence in their growing up years. Growing up without a dad, I know that for a fact buy hey! I don’t blame anyone — Life is what you make it. However, as a parent, I learn from those mistakes and try to be better parents to my children. Hubby is not the touchy and showy type of person but he understands the importance of being a more active parent, it’s a work in progress.

Nevertheless, as a father, hubby is good at explaining things, like a teacher. He helps our daughter understand beauty in a godly way. That looking beautiful is not a bad thing but vanity is not good either. It is our role to enlighten her on the true meaning of beauty. Such as wearing modest clothes so as not to attract lust on the opposite gender and most importantly living a happy, healthy life that will radiate her beauty inside and out even without adornments and cosmetics. We try to influence her on being positive each and every day.

More than once, I have told my daughter that she is beautiful not only because I am her mother but she truly is. Love and assurance is essential in building up her self esteem in order for her to radiate beauty without having to compare herself with the standards of today’s society.