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Unsolicited comments

Written on July 13th, 2011 by sassymomone shout

I have been feeling good about myself lately, in terms of my weight management. I am able to control my food intake, do my regular cardio exercises, and most of all I can now wear clothes comfortably without having to worry much of the bulging tummy. I even had the guts to tuck my shirt and I haven’t done that in ages. Even hubby notices the change.

And just when everything seems to feel good, you hear an unsolicited comment comment from someone in the family telling me that I get fatter each time she sees me. What the …. ???? I have been working my ass out and that’s what I get. I did not even resort to pills, no matter how safe diet pills are.

I told hubby about it and he just laughed. Good thing I have quite a strong personality that I can handle these kinds of negativity but how about other people who easily get affected by these blunt comments?

People can sometimes be so inconsiderate. Blurting out words without regard for the rights or feelings of others. I guess the reason why Hubby laughed is that he is just as tactless as anyone can be. I often remind him not to start a “small talk” with anyone by saying something negative especially if its a female. My tips are not to talk about age, weight, and waistline when dealing with girls. It’s such a touchy subject.

In short, if you don’t have anything to say, just keep your mouth shut! Am I right?

Breathe in and breathe out …. I still feel good about myself and no one can take that away.

Oh well! This is me venting out… I am just human, ya know????

Set your goals

Written on June 14th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

set goalsRecently, daughter shouted this, “My dream job right now: Pedia ♥” in her Facebook account. My brother, who is a doctor, was the first one who commented encouraging her to pursue her dreams with a little warning for me, because everyone knows how expensive it is to send a child to college much more with a degree in medicine.

Honestly, it has always been my dream for one of my children to take up medicine, to go after the footsteps of my brother. I only have two, so the other one should be taking after their dad’s, who is an architect. Although I have voiced out this ambition of mine to my children, it is not in me to push them to do it. I always advise them to go after their dreams not mine or anyone else. No matter how expensive their studies will be, my husband and I have vowed to work hard and support them. I just tell them to simply focus on their goals and the Lord will provide.

Coming from a lower middle class family, I have seen how my mom has sacrificed so much in order for my brother to pursue his dreams of being a doctor. Now he has achieved his dreams and doing very well in his practice. Mind you, I have also seen how he had so much focus in reaching his goals… and that is I what I want to impart to my children.

I once heard this quote in one of the workshops I attended, it is a quote by Earl Nightingale, “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” I have always believed in this. There’s always a time for everything but before you try to enjoy life, you should strive hard for it. Some people seem to think that if they lie in bed all day, blessing will come pouring in and when it does not, they start being bitter at the world. You can dream all you want but if you do not do anything about it, it will remain a wish. The world needs doers not dreamers.

For my daughter, dream big, set your goals! We will be here. I couldn’t wait to see you in one of those nursing scrubs that I have seen your Uncle wore during his residency. Set your heart and your mind to achieving your dreams and let the Lord bless your plans.