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My love for music passed on

Written on September 17th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

In my past posts, I have mentioned about my love for music — singing at that. Although, I cannot read musical notes that much, I can say that I can carry a tune and belt out high notes. Teeheeeheee. In my younger days, which is not that long ago ;-) , me and my friends would hang out in Karaoke bars and sing to our hearts content. It’s one way of releasing stress after a hard week at the office.

Last week as I got home from the office, I heard my son playing the piano. With his tablet in front of him. (Notice that he no longer uses musical sheets of paper but uses modern technology.) It was nice to hear him try his best to play the piano even without much formal training. Then my daughter would download chords of the same song and play it on the guitar. They are actually doing something together. Ahhhh… what a sight to behold.

I just sat on the couch and listen to them play. With a smile on my face, I am glad that my love for music has been passed on. Well, I do not only take the credit for that, hubby also plays the piano. No wonder the kids got it.

Now, to save up and let them have formal lessons for that and may be buy those epiphone guitars ;-)

Jamming with live bands

Written on July 14th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

People who have known me would be familiar wit  how much I love to sing. In my previous blog posts, I would share how, as a kid, I would lock myself up in my room and sing with my heart’s content.

Oh how I miss those days! I miss my friends who can jam with me. I miss the karaoke nights. Nowadays, I look forward to jamming with live bands. It’s much more challenging to sing with live accompaniment especially when guitarists use quality guitars like joe bonamassa guitars.

My birthday wish is this year is to have my closest friends with me celebrating a lovely night with a live band playing and anyone can jam to their fave songs, including me! That would be sooo exciting!

Music as a self-expression

Written on May 4th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

As I have blogged before, music has been a great part of my life. At an early age, I have been exposed to singing, not professionally though, but by being a member of our parish children’s choir. Then as I was growing up, the choir has been my second family until I left to build my own career and family here in the Metro.

I find relaxation in singing. I remember we have our own karaoke set and I used to lock myself in the room and sing my heart out to the songs of my favorite singers like Whitney Houston and local singer Regine Velasquez.

Music provides me with a wonderful means of self expression. I would belt out imagining that I have my own MXL microphone and believe that I am on a stage performing with a live audience. Ain’t that sweet?

Music rests both my mind and body. It’s a way of relaxation for me. I sure wish I had the chance to improve my talent. But I guess I shouldn’t have any regrets. That’s why I keep telling my children that they should go for their dreams and pursue the things that will make them happy and that they should not depend on others or anything for happiness. Life is indeed your own choices.

Music and Me

Written on March 29th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

music and flowers

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

I grew up with our own karaoke player and passing the time singing with friends at home and as a choir member in our church. I think those are the fondest memories of my growing up years. Now that I have my family, karaoke is no longer the “in” thing, I have my own Magic Sing for our videoke nights. of course, with matching home speakers for a more enhanced audio experienced.

I look for music to relax and soothe my exhaustion. When I work out and jog, I also find music as a good company. And to top it all, I married a person who can play the piano. Playing the piano is his way of relaxation and I get to jam with him whenever he does.

Studies have shown that listening to music has a positive effects on health and for early child development, it also helps stimulates the brainwaves. I can truly attest to this. Music has been and will always be part of my life.