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Sleep is essential for our health

Written on October 23rd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Geneva Sleep-Over

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” — Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever felt sluggish that whatever you do your body seem to respond in slow motion?
If you do, you probably did not have enough sleep the night before. Observe yourself. Sleep or lack of it impacts our physical and mental health.

I have personally observed myself lacking the energy to perform the day’s tasks whenever I am short of sleep. That even if I drag myself to finish a task, my body and my mind tells me that I cannot. Not only that, I tend to get irritable and find it harder to focus. After quitting the corporate world and started blogging full time, my excuse would be to sleep late because it’s the only time I can think properly –When the room is silent and everyone is asleep, that’s when the creative juices come out. To my family’s dismay, I kept this routine for almost two years.

My friends would even give me natural sleep aids to help me get better sleep but no, I can be a very stubborn at times. “I am a nocturnal animal,” that is what I proudly shout out.

Despite reading a lot of things about the importance of sleep to our body, I remain to be hard-headed until I came back from our US Trip and the jetlag hit me. I started sleeping early and I noticed that I had too much energy for the next day. It felt great! I did accomplish a lot of things and my kids are now happy that I can sleep with them. Not only did I notice the increased productivity but I realized that my skin has improved a lot. Most importantly, I seldom get sick (knock on wood!)

Sleep is not only essential for our mental alertness but it also helps our cells regenerate and boost our immune system. That’s why we get healthy glowing skin and increased ability to fight disease.

There is no doubt that sleep is indeed essential for our overall health and wellness. So if there’s one thing you should not scrimp on it is SLEEP!

Photo entitled Geneva Sleep-Over is courtesy of Alex Pears on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.