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Back to regular programming

Written on February 20th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

After three weeks of not having a house help, my life is back to regular programming. Although I find it a very good exercise for me and the kids to do the household chores, it was the fact that I have to be home most of the time that makes the task very difficult.

Having no house help gave me the opportunity to teach the kids more responsibility. Now, that they are big enough to take on some household tasks, I let them do it. I assigned and implemented the tasks and supervised them. It was hard at first but they got use to it. Even now that the help is here, I told them that I will continue to let them do some bits of tasks so they won’t be dependent on her.

The major activity that I missed is hitting the gym…. three weeks with no exercise. I once said that even if I take the best diet pills in the market but if I don’t burn those calories, it will not be effective. Finally, I can go back and do some of the things I missed.