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Personal Touch

Written on September 21st, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

I was overwhelmed when my home got home and excitedly handed me a pink handmade card. Awwwww! With all the technology available nowadays, I appreciate it  more when my kids present with something they made on their own. It reminds me of my growing up years, when there were no computers and colored printers, my brother and I would make cards, be it birthday, valentine or Christmas, out of bond paper. We’ll try all sorts of stuff that we learned from art class. Cut papers, melting colors, etc. It was so much fun :-)

My kids would often tell me that they don’t give me gifts because they do not have money but the thing is, I do not need expensive gifts. I tell them that you do not need money to make me happy. This year perhaps the most valuable gift I received is the handmade birthday card from my son. The though that he spent the time (in school –take note!) to make one birthday card for me is very much appreciated.

The advancement of technology can sometimes bring a lot of disadvantages when our children are not properly guided. I love that mobile phones can make communication faster, that social networking can bridge the distance between people who are million miles away, that there is now a lot of gadgets like tablets, golf gps finder that make our lives easier. However, we need to guide our children in the proper use of technology, with all the news of crimes resulting from its use.

Likewise, we need to reiterate that we still need to have the “personal touch” when it comes to nurturing relationships with our family especially with our children and of course, our parents, who are mostly not adept with technology. Somehow having the “real presence” and “personal touch” still spells a lot of difference.



Kids and gadgets

Written on May 25th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Daughter will be celebrating her birthday next month, this was the conversation we just had today regarding her proposed birthday gift.

Daughter: “Mom, can I sell my cellphone?”
Me: “Huuuwaaat?”, with a stunned reaction.
Daughter: “Mom, it keeps on hanging,” she explained. “I want to sell this and buy a new one.”
Me: “Where will you get the extra money for the new phone?” I was beginning to probe knowing that this conversation will lead somewhere.
Daughter: “I wanted to ask from you if that can be my birthday gift.”
Me: I can only smile as I replied, “I’ll think about it.”

What’s with kids these days? They always want the latest, it’s not as if I can keep with buying them the fad. And to think that my daughter’s phone is not that old and it’s one of the latest. I am sure that she’ll choose a more expensive one as in the likes of an iPhone or any smartphone like the new htc incredibel s. I just wish I have the means to provide but if not, she will have to settle for what she has until we can afford a new one.

Gadgets for kids

Written on February 15th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Lance iPadAdmittedly, I am not quite a fan of gadgets being used by kids all the time but with the advancement of technology, I find it use it convenient to have it because of its functionality.

Although I still try to control the usage of these gadgets in order not to meddle with their studies. In fact, they are banned from using these gadgets during weekdays, they can only use the laptop for surfing their home work.

On weekends, when I tag them along during my errands, I find it handy for them to carry around portable gadgets so they will not get bored most especially my boy, who gets bored easily.

Techie gadgets is also a fun way to bond with your kids. Me and hubby take turns to play with our children using these gadgets.

I guess the downside of this is that they always look for updated versions and new downloads which can  cost  quite a lot. Tablets and Playbook are the “in thing” nowadays, and they both want to have one each since they only share with the iPad. Whoa! For now, I am not entertaining the thought…. they just have to contend themselves with what they have right now.

Insuring your gadgets

Written on September 24th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

iPad_ Kids right now are so much into techie gadgets. Although I am a firm believer of establishing “tech free” time with my children, I also acknowledge the importance of using technology to enhance learning. I personally would want my kids to be highly skilled in using techie gadgets, I don’t really want them to be left behind since I know that this knowledge can be a great advantage to them in the future.

Of course one cannot deny the fact that these techie gadgets can be a bit pricey that’s why it really pays to have some kind of insurance especially in cases of theft or “acts of God”. Although most of these gadgets come with a warranty but in most cases these warranty provides coverage only for manufacturer’s defects while an insurance policy has a more comprehensive coverage.

Take the case of an iphone warranty, it covers your iPhone one year from the date of original purchase and the coverage will be limited to defects caused by manufacturer but nothing more. As a consumer, it gives you peace of mind to know that your property is covered for any situation especially if you really heavily on this piece of gadget. For a blogger like me, I’ll probably opt to insure my laptop since my life is basically online.

There are many types of coverage you can choose from in insuring your electronic devices, it pays to know your options.

iWant an iPad

Written on June 28th, 2010 by sassymomone shout

Apple iPadI first saw an iPad from a friend who came from the US. At first, I thought buying one would be a luxury already since I already have my own laptop and it’s just 6 months old. My second encounter with this hi-tech gadget was with my photography teacher.  He gave me a quick tour of its functionalities. After seeing what it can do, now I can say, iWant an iPad!

I always believed that the usefulness of these new gadgets always depends on a person’s lifestyle.  For a blogger like me, I bring my laptop almost everywhere I go. No matter how heavy it is, I feel it’s a necessity especially if I am running after a deadline.  Plus the fact that I regularly check my emails every so often, and when I am not at home, I use my phone to read them but then I tend to browse through those long emails since it really puts a strain to my eye reading those small fonts. Now, with its browsing and wi-fi capability, I can read emails anywhere even those lengthy ones.

Although it will never replace my laptop, the iPad for me will definitely be a handy tool. And since I would be saving up for this gadget, I want to secure my investment by making sure I have an ipad warranty.

Photo: Apple iPad by John.Karakatsanis on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.