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Set your goals

Written on June 14th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

set goalsRecently, daughter shouted this, “My dream job right now: Pedia ♥” in her Facebook account. My brother, who is a doctor, was the first one who commented encouraging her to pursue her dreams with a little warning for me, because everyone knows how expensive it is to send a child to college much more with a degree in medicine.

Honestly, it has always been my dream for one of my children to take up medicine, to go after the footsteps of my brother. I only have two, so the other one should be taking after their dad’s, who is an architect. Although I have voiced out this ambition of mine to my children, it is not in me to push them to do it. I always advise them to go after their dreams not mine or anyone else. No matter how expensive their studies will be, my husband and I have vowed to work hard and support them. I just tell them to simply focus on their goals and the Lord will provide.

Coming from a lower middle class family, I have seen how my mom has sacrificed so much in order for my brother to pursue his dreams of being a doctor. Now he has achieved his dreams and doing very well in his practice. Mind you, I have also seen how he had so much focus in reaching his goals… and that is I what I want to impart to my children.

I once heard this quote in one of the workshops I attended, it is a quote by Earl Nightingale, “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” I have always believed in this. There’s always a time for everything but before you try to enjoy life, you should strive hard for it. Some people seem to think that if they lie in bed all day, blessing will come pouring in and when it does not, they start being bitter at the world. You can dream all you want but if you do not do anything about it, it will remain a wish. The world needs doers not dreamers.

For my daughter, dream big, set your goals! We will be here. I couldn’t wait to see you in one of those nursing scrubs that I have seen your Uncle wore during his residency. Set your heart and your mind to achieving your dreams and let the Lord bless your plans.

Looking back at the year that was

Written on January 13th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts


2010 was a year of ups and downs especially on the business side. I remember starting the year full of excitement with the opening of a small business venture. However, it failed to deliver the expected target until the last quarter of the year. Almost giving up on it due to a lot of contributing factors, it did end the year with a bang!  This was quite a blessing and I pray that the business will continue to pick up this 2011.

On the leisure part, hubs and I kept our promise to travel once a year and 2010 was an exceptional one. It was truly a milestone for us as we were given the opportunity to travel to the US and visit our relatives and friends whom we have not seen for years. Truly a significant achievement on our part.

On career choices, Hubs have made one of the most difficult decisions in his career, and that is to leave the corporate world. With much hope, we are welcoming all the opportunities that are coming his way and as for me, I can only give him the support and prayers that he needs.

With alternating periods of good and bad fortune, 2010 gave us a lot of learnings. Learnings that are very important in our family and married life. Looking back not only in the year that was, I can proudly say that we have gone a long way. With hard work and the grace of God, I am positive that we can reach whatever goals we have set.

Indeed along way from where we have first started! I remember a time when my son noticed that I am not wearing any engagement ring …

Son: “Mom, did Papa give you any engagement ring?”
Me: “Nope.” (with a smile)
Son: “Whaaaat?”
Son looking at his Papa : “Why didn’t you give mom any ring?”
His Papa only looked at him with a smile and said, “I cannot afford it back then…”

Yes, no engagement ring on my finger but it didn’t matter. I dreamed of a simple life and God has given me more than I have dreamed of and I am thankful for that.   Back then, I would have refused if he insisted on me having a ring even if the choices are simply cubic zirconia engagement rings because I know that we cannot afford it. I am not the type to demand any material things just so I can have one. What matter most is that I am blessed with a very responsible husband, two talented kids and a wonderful family. These are my real treasure.

What motivates me?

Written on June 1st, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Every day I wake up and wish that I could stay longer in bed.  Who wouldn’t want to? The idea of just lazily lying around and relax instead of getting up and doing the things that you have to do. But that’s not what we are designed for besides I could not live like that my whole life. I have always believed that everyone has a purpose in life and one has to work for it.

What motivates me to get up?

Jahs RaysThe driving force behind my will to pull myself up and get things done would be my family, most especially my kids. To achieve the goal of giving them a better future is reason enough to push me to work and achieve this goal. Simply put, to go after the life you want cannot be achieved by just lazily lying around your house. Even though, I am a stay at home mom, I find opportunities to earn. Right now, aside from my online earning opportunities, I am taking care of our small business that will hopefully expand soon.

Opportunities do not come easy, so sometimes you need to create them. Staying inside the house will definitely not give you opportunity, so I try to expand my network and together with my hubby we try to make the best out of the resources laid upon us.  My husband and I are firm believers that nothing happens by accident, everything has its reason. So if you meet someone,  maybe the Lord is trying to tell you something. Open your heart and mind, so you can hear the message.

I wouldn’t want to sound preachy but it’s my personal relationship with the Lord motivates me to become a better person and achieve the goals that I have set in life.

Have faith, believe in yourself and you can do everything that you mind has set out to do. You may stumble upon a lot of obstacles along the way but if you are focused, you will succeed. Wouldn’t victory be sweeter if you know that you have worked hard for it?

Just like losing weight…. No pain, no gain!


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Photo: “Jah’s Rays” by C-Ali on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

Setting the Big Picture

Written on May 4th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

I have always believed in planning. From the simple things like the clothes I am going to wear the following day to the more complex part of my life such as the goals I want to achieve.

Masterplan yourself.

The first and most important step in setting your personal goals is to reflect on what you want to achieve in life — 10 years from now, what do you to become? Knowing your objective in life is the key and everything else will follow. These goals will give you a perspective of your future and if you are determined to reach these goals, the decisions that you will make each day will contribute in shaping your future.

Like an architect, it is easier to have a visual perspective of your plan in order give you a clearer picture of what you want to become. You can do this by doing a brain map or simply putting up photos of your goals. This visual representation will serve as an inspiration for you to persevere more to achieve your dreams just like a blue print.

Don’t be a skeptic but have a back up plan.

Even though you spend time to carefully plan your day, things do not always work the way you may have planned it. Don’t let this small set back ruin the “Big Picture”. Life is full of uncertainties, a back up plan will give you an advantage.

Planning compels you to focus more on your objectives, without it you won’t have a guide. Every night, before going to bed, I already plan my day. This makes it easier for me accomplish the activities I need to finish and when I am off track, I look back to my list and move on. Five to ten minutes of planning, saves my energy, my time and of course, fuel. That’s just on a daily basis. Planning a lifetime takes more than that but a daily habit of having a task list can be a good start.

Perhaps the most difficult to do is to plan for death, however we need to accept that everything will come to pass. Don’t think funeral planning as a morbid activity but more of an advantage. At least, when you’re gone, you know that your family and loved ones are not burdened. Even if it’s difficult, they know that you have thought of them.

So, start setting your goals, plan your future and visualize your masterplan.

Measure the things you want to change

Written on April 25th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Old habits die hard.

As you are about to reach the big four-O, you get to realize that there are things that you want to change but seem to have a hard time doing so. When you set your goals, it is easier to monitor your progress when you measure them. As the old adage goes, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”
Weighing scale_edited
If you measure something, you become more aware of your abilities and improve your ability to control or push yourself. It does not only apply in business but in everything that you do. When I decided to become a work from home, I realize that I needed to make some sacrifices since we will now become a single income family. I recognized the need to control our spending so I started jotting down our expenses. From there, I was able to identify where our money goes and discern our needs from our wants.

Recently, I gave myself a fitness goal. I want to make sure that I adhere to the objective I set myself, so I log down the days and hours I hit the stationary bike. This way I would know soon enough if my hours at the bike is enough or whether I need to add some more hours or supplement it with  weight loss pills. This is called feedback. By measuring, you easily get feedback and allow yourself to make quick adjustments as early as possible.

I know it may seem like a little bit obsessive but believe me, it’s effective. At first, it will appear such a gruelling task, listing and writing down everything but once it becomes a habit, it will be part of your routine.