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What motivates me?

Written on June 1st, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Every day I wake up and wish that I could stay longer in bed.  Who wouldn’t want to? The idea of just lazily lying around and relax instead of getting up and doing the things that you have to do. But that’s not what we are designed for besides I could not live like that my whole life. I have always believed that everyone has a purpose in life and one has to work for it.

What motivates me to get up?

Jahs RaysThe driving force behind my will to pull myself up and get things done would be my family, most especially my kids. To achieve the goal of giving them a better future is reason enough to push me to work and achieve this goal. Simply put, to go after the life you want cannot be achieved by just lazily lying around your house. Even though, I am a stay at home mom, I find opportunities to earn. Right now, aside from my online earning opportunities, I am taking care of our small business that will hopefully expand soon.

Opportunities do not come easy, so sometimes you need to create them. Staying inside the house will definitely not give you opportunity, so I try to expand my network and together with my hubby we try to make the best out of the resources laid upon us.  My husband and I are firm believers that nothing happens by accident, everything has its reason. So if you meet someone,  maybe the Lord is trying to tell you something. Open your heart and mind, so you can hear the message.

I wouldn’t want to sound preachy but it’s my personal relationship with the Lord motivates me to become a better person and achieve the goals that I have set in life.

Have faith, believe in yourself and you can do everything that you mind has set out to do. You may stumble upon a lot of obstacles along the way but if you are focused, you will succeed. Wouldn’t victory be sweeter if you know that you have worked hard for it?

Just like losing weight…. No pain, no gain!


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Photo: “Jah’s Rays” by C-Ali on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

The battle against online distractions

Written on May 29th, 2010 by sassymomone shout

Being a stay-at-home mom, I have discovered that you can have a lot of earning opportunities online which is definitely a great way to help augment our single income family.

I know a lot of bloggers like me are faced with the problem of staying focus online. There are a lot of distractions that facing online people such as social networking sites, online games, chat rooms and a lot of other things at home. These are the things that hinder one’s productivity.

Allot a time to work. It’s easier said than done especially if you’re a mom. Kids will keep bugging for questions and it’s difficult to shoo them away. What I do is to let them know that I am on “work mode” so the kids will stop bugging you, if not lessen it a bit. I remember my son branding this as “DNDM” or “Do Not Disturb Mom”, it’s a cute term and at least I know that he understands what mom has to do.

Stay focus is the key. Most people while working have the habit of checking their emails, instant messaging and social networking sites before they do their online tasks and by the time they know it, they have wasted valuable time checking out updates and chatting with friends. It may be hard but you need to avoid doing so.  While working, “stay offline” or “Be invisible” to your online friends in order to avoid those instant messaging that keeps popping out.

Focus on the task on hand and perhaps when you’re all done, you can do your updates and chatting. Slowly, I am teaching myself to do the same.  Although I am not so much into instant messaging but I easily fall into the trap of surfing other unimportant stuff online. Like if I am tasked to look at an insurance quote, I would find myself searching for camera gadgets or anything that interests me, which totally wastes so much of my time which will lead up to cramming.

Control KeysAvoid procrastination. Do your assignments way ahead of your deadline. Avoid cramming especially when writing an article that needs lots of research.  It pays to do it ahead of time so you’ll have time to proof read your work and edit, if necessary.

In all the things that we need to accomplish in life, focusing on your goal will always keep you on track and regain perspective. So control those unnecessary distractions to have a more productive life online.