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When it rains

Written on November 4th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

It’s raining again! and I can’t help but feel gloomy. Yes, it has that effect on me. I try to fight it off by keeping myself busy and active. Just like today, it was raining the whole day and despite my hectic morning sked, the gloominess caught up with me in the afternoon, I gave in with a nap. I thought I will be energized afterwards, but it failed! So I ended up the day with a Yoga practice. That’s when I felt the energy, perfect for wrapping up the day. Now, I still have a lot of energy and after doing some reports and still have time to blog :-)

Although I love the cold weather, I guess the rains just affect me. I love the cold weather cause it’s to be a fashionista when it’s cold. You can layer your clothes and not worry about having to sweat :-)  I remember when we visited Europe, I had a grand time wearing different stylish clothing, winter jackets and even the north face jackets, which I never even bothered to look in the malls.

This is just me thinking out loud…. After all, I did not let the rainy weather affect me that much. I guess what I am saying is … You can do something about every negative feeling you are experiencing.

My Fitness Journal

Written on October 1st, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

It’s been a month since I started my yoga practice and I have been practicing three to five times a week. This is the start of my journey to a fitter and a healthier me!

One month into the practice and I feel that I am already reaping some of its benefits. For one, I feel the happy hormones are always present, I am more energized every day, the grumpiness has lessened, much to the content of my kids and of course, my hubby :-)

Fitter by the day! As I deepen myself into the practice, I am discovering that my body can do a lot of stuff that I have not tried before. It’s liberating to undergo such thrilling poses that I never thought I can do, especially with my age now. I have felt the change when I go up and down the stairs and even just walking a mile… I am pleased that I don’t grasp for breathe or even if I do at times, it will take a lot of time to do so.

Weight management was my ultimate goal when I enrolled and I have been quite successful in doing so. Thus, it is in the maintenance that will pose quite a challenge but with discipline, I know I’ll be able to do so.

No more diet. My metabolism is faster now and I can eat whatever I want as long as it is in moderation. The exercise makes me eat less and I can even live with only yogurt for dinner… Can you imagine that?

More “Me Time”. Yoga practice is about creating your own space and every time I go to shavasana (corpse pose), I find time to relax and free my ever worrying mind. If there’s one thing I find it difficult to do is just to let go. Yoga has introduced calmness in my mind. Just by practicing Yoga is enough “me time” for me. I don’t even look for a great massage at the end of each session :-) Even though I feel some sore in my muscles every now and then, I don’t really dwell on it.

I look forward to practicing yoga every day and even if I still cannot perfect the pose, I don’t get intimidated. Besides, I have only been practicing for a month. Yoga has taken all my anxieties away, given me a clearer mind to think of what is NOW and let go of what the future has in store.

The old me would probably still be anxious about my ultimate dream (of having our own house) but now I just let go… Now, I would look at the elegant tubs at bathsofdistinction or the furniture and fixtures in the mall with much content for I know that I am blessed. And as long as hubs and I are working hard and giving it our best, we will soon reap the fruits of our labor :-)

Back to the Gym

Written on January 17th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

For three weeks now, I have been hitting the gym at least three times a week. I promise myself to continuously exercise not just because I want to lose weight but more for health reasons.

No more excuses! Before I was nursing an aching knee but the doctor said I need to go back and have an exercise regimen to help my knees heal. So the lights are green and I am good to go.

I have accepted the fact that no matter which diet pills really work, I cannot lose weight without any physical activity. Diet should always be coupled with an exercise. Increasing my metabolism is a must especially with my age right now. Besides, I feel light and happy whenever I work out. I guess it’s the Endorphins that are coming out. Now, whenever I sense sluggishness, I go out and hit the gym.

It’s up to me to keep up with this regimen. Diligence is what I need right now.

Exercise and the Happy Hormones

Written on April 23rd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

runnersEver wondered why you feel so up and about after your stint at the gym? That blissful feeling is brought about by the release of endorphins in our body. Endorphins are substances produced in the brain that acts as the body’s natural pain killer. It has potent analgesic properties that blocks pain and gives a feeling of euphoria.

When a person is physically active for about 20 minutes or more, the body releases endorphins also known as “happy hormones”. Activities such as jogging, exercise, listening to music, massages and even sex can produce these happy hormones. Well, I am no doctor but I definitely won’t argue with that. Every time, I feel down I look forward to 30-minutes on the stationary bike and I am guaranteed to feel good after sweating it out.

Runners often call this a “runner’s high” making people who run regularly have a more emotionally balanced attitude. No wonder exercise is not only good for weight management but it also helps promote your overall health and well being. When you’re happy, allows you to veer away from stress and therefore raising the level of your self esteem which improves the quality of your life. Wow, it’s a domino effect.

So, if you have tried the best weight loss product and still does not feel right, try jogging or hitting the gym. It will not only make you lose those calories but it will definitely make you feel delightful.

Photo : Runners by amandabhslater on Flickr. Some rights reserved.