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Another journey

Written on June 15th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

Just recently, I made another major decision which I hope will not fulfill me personally but help my husband in our finances. I am now part of Alveo Land (an Ayala Land Company) sales force.

Sales??? Yes, it’s a new environment for me. Being a trainer, they tell me I have the edge in which I reply, “Yes, probably in terms of presenting the product but to convince people to buy is another thing.” I am very positive in this new venture of mine. I believe that as ling as work hard, I shall soon reap the fruits of my hard work… and that is what I am doing right now… Planting seeds.

Selling real estate property is not only all about commissions, I believe that I am here to help people find their home and make good use of their money through a very good investment.

I have seen people beautify their houses by placing all kinds of lovely stuff, nice paintings, lovely decor and even buyinghunter outdoor ceiling fans, but at the end of the day, if it’s not yours and you are just throwing away money. Let’s not look far, I am guilty of that. That’s why I am working hard to help in the finances so we can soon fulfill our dream of owning a property. With God’s grace, everything will fall into place.

My roller coaster ride

Written on October 9th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Ever since I got married, my ultimate dream was to have my our own house… a house and or a town house perhaps. Being married to an architect, every one probably thinks that would be an easy job but I guess, everything isn’t really easy for me and my hubs.

Hubby and I both grew up from a location that is quite far from the school we go to. At a young age, high school that is, I have to endure the rigors of commuting from Laguna to Manila, where my school is. My routine, obviously was house and school and vice versa. No time to do much lakwatsa, much to the content of my mom :-) With that in mind, we promised not to give that kind of experience to our kids. So even if we can buy those affordable houses in the south or far north of Manila, we are maintaining a rented house here in the Metro so the kids can enjoy more time with their school activities rather than deal with the stress of going through traffic each and everyday of their lives. I guess when you are a parent, you have to really look after what’s good for your children rather than satisfy your own personal dream.


As the years go by, I thing it’s about time to revisit that grand dream of mine and think of being more practical. Nothing bad with that. With the property boom, there are a lot of condominiums around our vicinity and even if I am not really a “condo girl”, I have to adjust a bit. It’s just a matter of mindset, dontchathink ;-) Hubby keeps telling me that I am the only who refuses to take a look a condominiums. Okay fine, I shall open my mind and prepare myself. That wouldn’t be hard. It’s not like their stealing my dreams away…. It’s more of tweaking it a bit.

This would probably end my emotional roller coaster ride. The stress of trying to find the perfect house, that fits our budget has really given me a lot anxiety like casters attached to my computer chair, I feel like I can swivel, go forward, sideward but in the end I go back to where I started. House hunting can be draining at times.

So if my family is happy with a condo, then condo it shall be :-) Good luck to us!


Perfect Home

Written on July 19th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Yes, we are still searching….

They say your home is the reflection of who you are. I guess that’s the very reason why we still have not located the perfect house for our family. Aside from budget constraints, it’s the location that we are after. Living in a strategic where everything is within reach — market, school, church and even hospitals, it’s quite hard to look for a house that is really within our reach. I have even resorted in looking for houses for rent, just to satisfy my urge for a new environment. Good thing hubby has this way of controlling me.

Hubby has this quality that I should really learn… Patience. He tells me every time that God will show us the perfect house in His time. Oh well, I still have to cling on to that promise and pray hard that soon it will come true.

Colored Dreams

Written on February 20th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

exotic flowers1A couple of weeks ago I received a text message from my mom saying that she had a dream about me and she is praying for it to come true. When I asked her what was it all about she just replied, “I’ll keep it to myself first.” So I did not pry any further, I just have to respect her for that.

Last Wednesday, I asked mom to tag along with me in my endless hunt for a new home. This time I felt that she was quite astonished at my invitation. Although I have been looking for a property for quite some time, I did not make it public so even she didn’t know that I am serious about my exploration.

After the trip, she finally blurted out the dream that she had… it was about us finally having our own house. She knew it was going to be fulfilled soon because according to her she seldom has “colored dreams”. She added that all the colored dreams she had before have already been realized.

Honestly, I was dumbfounded. All I can say is that maybe this is it. However she added that in her dream my house were full of flowers. Mwihihi. The property I am looking is only a town house, no room for flowering trees or a small garden, probably potted plants will do.

Oh well, I guess I have to make sure that the house will be full of flowers every time she visits me. (wink)

Dreaming my dream house

Written on March 25th, 2010 by sassymom2 shouts

Outdoor furniture1After how many years of being married and two wonderful kids, I still find myself dreaming of our own house. A lot of people find this situation of mine very odd knowing that my hubby is an architect. Ironic, huh?
I know this is not the in the perfect order of things but life did not come easy for me and hubs. Our main goal at that time (and still is) is for us to be able to give our kids a comfortable living and send them to good schools.

Oh, well? So up to now, I am still dreaming. I have this vivid picture in my mind as to what our house should look like. .. simple yet elegant. It should be spacious to fit the four of us but small enough so that I can manage the household even without a house help. More than aesthetics, the kitchen should focus more on being functional sine I love to cook. Both of us love to invite friends and families over, hence there should be a place where we can entertain guests with the perfect outdoor furniture to complement the place.

With God’s grace, I believe that this dream of mine will soon be a reality….