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Play it safe on the floor

Written on March 1st, 2011 by sassymomone shout

9As a mom to a cheerleader, I sometimes cannot help but worry about her getting injured. Once she came home with a bruise on the lips, the other time a sprained ankle and so on. I try to be strong but deep inside, I am concerned. Good thing she’s not a flyer — the person the goes up in the air during a stunt — or I’d probably die of heart attack watching her.

I always remind her to play it safe. Prevention is better than cure. It includes knowing the rules of the game and using the proper equipment and gears. I have provided her with support braces for her wrist since she lifts and ankle to support her balance. Good thing there a lot brands available in the market such as aircast hand and wrist support.

When she complains about these injuries, I try to be a mom and show my concern while being strong by saying that if it really hurts then she will have to stop. The latter one I guess is not an option for her at the moment. Her passion for this endeavor is quite commendable for a girl her age.

Well, this is just me being worry wart. I can’t help it … I’m a MOM!

Proud Mom!

Written on February 27th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Still can’t get over it, yesterday was truly a gratifying day and every mom would feel so proud.

Woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning to make sure that my girl gets up for her 5:30am call time. It was a big day for her and her team. It’s the WNCAA Cheerdancing Competition and their school will be competing.

I tagged my boy along  and we arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the gate opened. For me, it was not as nerve-wracking as their their first competition but I am sure the girls were so tensed at the moment. As we entered the arena, I saw the girls prepping up.

As the program starts, I can already feel the tension in the air especially when they saw the “competition”. I readied myself to video their performance as they were lining up. The girls were good! Better than their performances before. The stunts were clean, although they were minor mishaps — but it’s normal nothing major. The team is getting better each time I watch them perform.

SPCP High School PEP SquadWe had to wait until all the divisions were completed before the winners are announced, much to the boredom of my boy. The wait was not as nerve-wracking — the girls had a fun time reviewing their performances as recorded by their parents (including me), shared their meals, watching the other teams perform and just sharing fun times together. The camaraderie, the team spirit and the dedication they show that pushes me to support my girl in this endeavor. That even if I see her so exhausted from the everyday training, her dedication is admirable.

And so the announcement came…. once the 1st runner up was announced (St. Pedro Poveda), they immediately knew they were the Champions.

I even shrieked at the announcement! I could not contain my excitement. The girls were all jumping and screaming, who wouldn’t? It was a Proud Momma moment for me and I just want to share it. These are the things you live for….

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