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Another journey

Written on June 15th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

Just recently, I made another major decision which I hope will not fulfill me personally but help my husband in our finances. I am now part of Alveo Land (an Ayala Land Company) sales force.

Sales??? Yes, it’s a new environment for me. Being a trainer, they tell me I have the edge in which I reply, “Yes, probably in terms of presenting the product but to convince people to buy is another thing.” I am very positive in this new venture of mine. I believe that as ling as work hard, I shall soon reap the fruits of my hard work… and that is what I am doing right now… Planting seeds.

Selling real estate property is not only all about commissions, I believe that I am here to help people find their home and make good use of their money through a very good investment.

I have seen people beautify their houses by placing all kinds of lovely stuff, nice paintings, lovely decor and even buyinghunter outdoor ceiling fans, but at the end of the day, if it’s not yours and you are just throwing away money. Let’s not look far, I am guilty of that. That’s why I am working hard to help in the finances so we can soon fulfill our dream of owning a property. With God’s grace, everything will fall into place.

Let it go and make room for the new

Written on November 22nd, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

I came home one day from my yoga practice and saw my eldest crying and whining. My first instinct was of course, to ask what happened. Then she blurted out the events of the day that led her to cry. One thing good though, she didn’t cry in school.

My daughter even when she was a kid, was such a “cry baby” just like her mom but I have learned through time that crying does not solve anything. And so while she was growing up, we have taught her how to be strong and not be hypersensitive about things. Thanks to her dad, she has slowly outgrown the cry-baby stage … until now.

I tried not to show pity but I really feel for her. She’s the captain of her batch cheering squad and it’s a very big responsibility. When things don’t go her way, it can sometimes make her fall to the ground. My advise is simple. “If things don’t go your way, your tears will not help solve any of your problems. You can cry to release those emotions, but only for awhile. Let go and pick yourself up and try to be objective about things, it will let you focus more on the problem at hand.” It took while for her to stop sobbing but after all the pep talk, I know that she’ll be alright.

Sometimes the reason, why we cry and drown ourselves with sadness is because we keep looking back at the mistakes or the misfortunes that took place. LET IT GO! I am reminded of the quote I saw in Facebook…

When life’s strong winds come blowing, bend with them and let go. By bending, you become stronger in new places. By letting go, you will be making room for the new and the better.

Nowadays, you need to be more flexible. Get out of your comfort zones and try out new things. I used to see myself as an office type of person, where I have a fixed workstation. But lo and behold!  I am now an entrepreneur. If I need to work, I do not need a workstation. I can work anywhere just like those hospital computer carts, my mobility does not affect my efficiency.

It took me awhile to find my niche and now I tell myself, “I should have done this a long time ago.” Oh well, it’s never too late …

Set your goals

Written on June 14th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

set goalsRecently, daughter shouted this, “My dream job right now: Pedia ♥” in her Facebook account. My brother, who is a doctor, was the first one who commented encouraging her to pursue her dreams with a little warning for me, because everyone knows how expensive it is to send a child to college much more with a degree in medicine.

Honestly, it has always been my dream for one of my children to take up medicine, to go after the footsteps of my brother. I only have two, so the other one should be taking after their dad’s, who is an architect. Although I have voiced out this ambition of mine to my children, it is not in me to push them to do it. I always advise them to go after their dreams not mine or anyone else. No matter how expensive their studies will be, my husband and I have vowed to work hard and support them. I just tell them to simply focus on their goals and the Lord will provide.

Coming from a lower middle class family, I have seen how my mom has sacrificed so much in order for my brother to pursue his dreams of being a doctor. Now he has achieved his dreams and doing very well in his practice. Mind you, I have also seen how he had so much focus in reaching his goals… and that is I what I want to impart to my children.

I once heard this quote in one of the workshops I attended, it is a quote by Earl Nightingale, “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” I have always believed in this. There’s always a time for everything but before you try to enjoy life, you should strive hard for it. Some people seem to think that if they lie in bed all day, blessing will come pouring in and when it does not, they start being bitter at the world. You can dream all you want but if you do not do anything about it, it will remain a wish. The world needs doers not dreamers.

For my daughter, dream big, set your goals! We will be here. I couldn’t wait to see you in one of those nursing scrubs that I have seen your Uncle wore during his residency. Set your heart and your mind to achieving your dreams and let the Lord bless your plans.

Word of the day#1 : Golden Handcuff

Written on January 21st, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

bookwormBeing a parent is not only the most fulfilling job in the world, but it’s a continuous learning experience. Every day I get to learn new things, it’s like growing up with them.

Last night after browsing the dictionary, my son blurted out something which surprised us.

Son: Pa(calling his father), I have a new word.

Hubby : What?
Son : Golden handcuffs

Hubby : What does it mean?

Son: (without looking at the dictionary) It is a set of benefits and incentives given to an employee so he will not leave the company.

Hubby: That’s great!

Being a Human Resource practitioner, I was familiar with the term but it didn’t occur to me that at a young age. He’ll be interested in such a word. Yes, I am one proud momma. Probing deeper, I asked my boy what prompted him to look for the word. He told me that he was just going through the dictionary and stumbled upon that new word and thought it was literally “gold”. Hahahaha!

My boy’s fascination with the dictionary is nothing new, in fact, he is quite an articulate young man. When talking about what he’ll take up in the future, I always tell him that he will be a good lawyer. He’ll shrug off the idea and will tell me that he has not decided. Although he’s also considering healthcare jobs, taking after my brother, who is a doctor. I would love for him to be doctor. Anything they like, we will gladly support.

Looking back at the year that was

Written on January 13th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts


2010 was a year of ups and downs especially on the business side. I remember starting the year full of excitement with the opening of a small business venture. However, it failed to deliver the expected target until the last quarter of the year. Almost giving up on it due to a lot of contributing factors, it did end the year with a bang!  This was quite a blessing and I pray that the business will continue to pick up this 2011.

On the leisure part, hubs and I kept our promise to travel once a year and 2010 was an exceptional one. It was truly a milestone for us as we were given the opportunity to travel to the US and visit our relatives and friends whom we have not seen for years. Truly a significant achievement on our part.

On career choices, Hubs have made one of the most difficult decisions in his career, and that is to leave the corporate world. With much hope, we are welcoming all the opportunities that are coming his way and as for me, I can only give him the support and prayers that he needs.

With alternating periods of good and bad fortune, 2010 gave us a lot of learnings. Learnings that are very important in our family and married life. Looking back not only in the year that was, I can proudly say that we have gone a long way. With hard work and the grace of God, I am positive that we can reach whatever goals we have set.

Indeed along way from where we have first started! I remember a time when my son noticed that I am not wearing any engagement ring …

Son: “Mom, did Papa give you any engagement ring?”
Me: “Nope.” (with a smile)
Son: “Whaaaat?”
Son looking at his Papa : “Why didn’t you give mom any ring?”
His Papa only looked at him with a smile and said, “I cannot afford it back then…”

Yes, no engagement ring on my finger but it didn’t matter. I dreamed of a simple life and God has given me more than I have dreamed of and I am thankful for that.   Back then, I would have refused if he insisted on me having a ring even if the choices are simply cubic zirconia engagement rings because I know that we cannot afford it. I am not the type to demand any material things just so I can have one. What matter most is that I am blessed with a very responsible husband, two talented kids and a wonderful family. These are my real treasure.

Talking business

Written on September 15th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Once in awhile I find myself talking business with my kids. Yeah, I believe it’s never too early for them to realize the value of working hard and how to earn your own money. These kinds of talks are the things I missed when I was growing up. Oh how I wish some one inspired me on how to invest, although it’s never too late but I wish I have started early. With my kids, I am hoping that they will start early.

What I try to imbibe in my children is that we, their parents, work hard to give them a comfortable life. That soon, what we have invested should be working for us even when we are not strong enough to manage them because we will then reap the fruits of our hard work.

Having your own business is really the way to go however I encourage them to be employed and learn more about the corporate discipline probably land some management jobs in one of the more popular multi-national companies. That would be amazing.

But since they are still young, we are taking it slow… soon, they will learn.

What’s your dream job?

Written on April 16th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

As a child, I always have a dream job in mind – to be a lawyer! But I guess you can’t always land your dream job.

Changes in one’s interest, personal strengths, personality are some of the factors that contribute to a shift on career preference. As for me, the biggest challenge was financial — I opted to take a four year course so I can land a job immediately.

As an option, I would have wanted to take on jobs in finance, however I realized I am not a genius in math. So I asked myself, what do I enjoy the most? I enjoy meeting and dealing with people. A job that requires me to interact with people is the perfect job for me. That’s how I landed a job in Human Resources with Training on the side.

I guess I still landed my dream job after all….