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The bonds of matrimony

Written on December 21st, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

It’s sad to hear that nowadays it’s a common thing for husband and wives to be separated. In a country like the Philippines, where there is no divorce and with a very traditional and conservative outlook on marriage, being separated is a hard process, most especially if there are children involved.

Recently, we attended a talk regarding parenting at my son’s school. I was happy that hubby blocked his calendar to attend this very important activity for his son. The talk was conducted by Arun Gogna, who is a sought-after national and international lay preacher. I have attended one of his talks during my younger days and I have been impressed.

During the talk, Arun injected a lot of humor which made it more interesting for parents like us. A lot of what he talked about, are things that we all knew but needs to be reiterated. Although one important thing that really stuck me is his last statement about parenting..

“Parenting is how you treat your spouse.”

He reminded us that our children will mirror the way we treat our partner. If we show love and affection, they will feel loved and be confident about themselves. On the other hand, if we show hatred and disrespect to each other, our children will tend to reflect on these negative behavior.

I am glad and grateful, that despite our humble beginnings as husband and wife, we have learned to love and respect each other and have constantly shown this to our children. Even though I sometimes look at diamond wedding rings and wish that I have one of those, my present relationship with my husband is priceless and I cannot ask for anything more but to give us the much needed strength to endure whatever life has to offer.

For both us, having kids have strengthened the bonds of our marriage. I am truly blessed and I thank the Lord for that.


Photo by Emery Co on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

No matter what

Written on August 12th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

In one of my conversations with my daughter she asked me who my best friend is. I quickly replied, “your Papa!” I added that although we didn’t start that way, it just came to be. Of all the people in the world, I can talk to my husband about anything even about vanity. When I feel like I am so fat, he tells me I am not. When I freak out, he calms me. When I am down, he cheers me up.

Marriage is a work in progress. It’s up to both parties to make it successful. As for our marriage, we have had our share of ups and downs, it’s a roller coaster ride but we never let go of each other’s arms no matter what.

I guess we have come to a point that we have accepted our equality as husband and wife through our love and respect for each other. The road to attaining this kind of relationship is not an easy one. We need to submit ourselves to our partner and again, it’s a work in progress.

Even as we count the years of our marriage, it is important that we never ever let Love diminish, no matter how busy we are. Neglect is oftentimes the start of a broken relationship, that’s why we need to make an effort to make our partner feel special.

So no matter what happens, I will keep my promise to God … that I will love and cherish the man I married.

Oh goodness, this is so mushy already. Good thing hubs don’t read my blogs.

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Age is just a number

Written on December 1st, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Hubby just turned a year older last month and from my observation, he is just starting to enjoy life. I am so glad that he is now into golf. It’s a big relief since I cannot drag him to the gym. Exercise is an important part of our health especially when we are ageing.

For my husband, age is just a number. I haven’t seen him age except for the additional weight, he still looks young! I hope he will continue to stay active, happy and contented, that’s my birthday wish for him. I love taking care of my family. With that, I make sure that they have everything they need — food, exercise and even vitamin supplements. I do not know if hubs would sort to using hgh supplement, but if the doctors say it’s okay, then why not! The kids are into B-Complex supplement to boost their growth maybe ageing people can also have this supplement to boost the immune system, control blood sugar, strengthen bones and reduce fat. It’s worth a try.

Oh, well this is me expressing my thoughts!

Men shopping for her?

Written on November 11th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

My husband shopping for me? Oh, that would spell disaster!

In the few occasions, my husband attempted to buy me something, only two things happened: I accepted it so he won’t get hurt and give it to someone or I will just directly tell him to give it to someone. Either way, it’s a complete waste of money.

“Such a meanie!”, that what my son would say but hubby shopping for me will never work. I know I should appreciate the gesture (and I do!) but it’s hard to wear something you do not like.

My number one rule for my husband, you can window shop all you want but never buy without me. Now, if you want to surprise me, ask my mom or my sister — they know my taste. LOL!

Now, to avoid disappointments, you can either sort to cash or a gift certificate. That’s better!

Although I haven’t tested my husband’s taste when buying a jewelry since I buy my own. I believe a jewelry should not be as difficult as choosing a bag or a pair of shoes. I can settle for even the simplest jewelry to Cubic Zirconia or the grandest one.

Loving my husband’s dependence

Written on September 18th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

At the Venetian “My husband is so dependent on me,” I have heard this line over and over from my girl friends and that does not exclude me.

It’s funny how most married women complain about this but honestly however irritating this maybe I am loving my husband’s dependence on me. Oh yeah, it gets into my nerves every now and then but that’s the fun part. It’s like adding spice into your relationship.

Over the years, I have come to understand why men needed to do these kinds of things. It’s one way of telling their wife that they are needed. It should be a flattery but of course, with all the hustle bustle of daily lives, these things can really be quite annoying.

Personally, I love it when hubby ask if there is coffee in the morning. It’s one way of saying, “Can you brew me some coffee?” Or when he asks if the tie goes with the shirt he’s wearing, it’s short of asking you, “What do you think I should wear today?”

Most men I know hate shopping and that’s where the dependence starts and I love it! I love having to buy him clothes. Just recently I have managed to influence him to take care of his face by putting on moisturizer and sunblock. Now, he’s asking me what is the best night cream for him and it just made me smile.

Yes, my husband is so dependent on me and I am loving it.