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Just want to get the best value for my money

Written on August 10th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

No matter what I buy I always try to compare prices and have managed to avail of lower prices whenever I can.  Petty as it may seem, disappointment sets in if I realized that I have been buying my stuff at a higher price while I can avail of a much discounted price.

Just this morning, I dropped by Robinson’s Pioneer to buy dog food and do some errands. I find the dog food at Handyman a lot cheaper than the ones  sold in the regular supermarket.  And since I’m already there, I decided to go to the supermarket and do some purchase.

During this time, I realized that the brand of imported coffee which I use for my brewed coffee is a lot cheaper than the one I purchase at the grocery which I go to. I immediately shared it with my daughter and told her that I feel deceived. “Hahahaha…”, my daughter started laughing. She told me I’m so babaw (shallow).

I actually laughed at myself for being the way I am. What can I do I am just a sucker for bargain?

I frequent three grocery stores and I know which items are cheaper than the other. Even the way I prepare my day, it’s carefully planned so I get fuel efficiency. Gasoline prices are so high nowadays and I feel the need to save whenever I can plus it’s also Earth friendly.

In buying big ticket items, I carefully canvass all the stores available so I can get the cheapest price available. Can you just imagine me looking for a  discount auto insurance? Oh, yes! Even that, I just want to have the best value for my money.

Sucker for a Good Bargain

Written on April 4th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

I admit I am sucker for bargain! Anything for a good bargain.

I remember my hubby talking over the phone with a good friend, I suddenly heard my name and asked him why? Apparently, his friend was inviting him to go and check out The Crocs Sale at the Mega Tent, he declined the invite by saying that I was already done with it. I laughed because he stressed out that, I always go for any sale, no matter what! I guess hubs really knows me, LOL!

Of course, it was just a laughing matter to my hubs but to my defense, I told him that I only go and hunt out for bargains if the product is really okay. If not, I just let it be. Nowadays, everyone needs to be practical, and hunt out for discounts however low it maybe.

Even when it comes to investments, you go for the one that is affordable and would fit your needs. The less cash you spend the better, as long as the you do not compromise the quality. Like when you’re scouting for affordable health insurance or car insurance, you review the coverage and try to compare it against its prices.