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Being a full time parent

Written on February 12th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

When I hear about stories like teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and even too much partying among teenagers nowadays, I thank the LORD for guiding me through my decision of being a full-time Mom.

The bond between me and my kids are so strong that even though their Dad now takes them to school and I am back to working, they still come to me for everything. Admittedly, I get irritated at times when they have spent the whole trip to school with their father and still not say a word but when I think about it, I feel really guilty! That’s when I realize that it’s easier for my kids to approach me anytime cause we have spent more time together when they were growing up. How can I not understand that?

The other night Hubby and I were already at the brink of argument because my daughter comes home from school very late because of her PEP Squad training and her being part of a production in the school play. I had to remind my hubby that it is better that our kids are involved in school activities rather than in some other unproductive and life-destructing habits.

“Ninety percent of American high school students report that some of their classmates are using illicit drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, during the school day, a new survey found.

When asked to estimate how many were involved, these teens reported that about 17 percent of students — roughly 2.8 million — are abusing drugs during the school day, according to the survey.” – US News Health

Alarming indeed. That’s why there are a lot of facilities that cater to Drug Alcohol Detox Rehab, but what if you cannot afford one? I am sure those facilities like drug rehab los angeles can cost a fortune.

That’s why the responsibility falls on parents like me to keep these children away from the harmful vices and from peers who can influence them. Prevention is still better than cure.

Learning about Geocache

Written on July 16th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Children are so fond of treasure hunting… that’s why Easter egg hunting is such a big event.

I am surprised to learn that treasure hunting is not only popular among kids. Nowadays, you can hear of Geocaching– it’s a real world outdoors sport activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to look for caches all over the world. Ain’t that cool? And it’s high tech too. I bet this participant would even use the best geocaching chirp available in the market.

I have learned that there are 5 million geocachers worldwide and the Philippines also has geocache sites. I wonder what you can find in the caches here in the Philippines?

I guess our fascination with treasure hunting still remains even if we’re adults.

I can feel the heat!

Written on February 10th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Monday I woke up at 4am and I was forced to wear a sweat shirt because it was sort of chilly. The following morning I woke up the same time and I was sweating. Indeed, a sudden change in the weather. I know that summer is almost here because I can feel the heat.

It’s time to be more careful in going out in the sun, use umbrellas, wear those caps or hats like Kangol Hats and don’t go out with putting on your sunblock.

Honestly, I am quite apprehensive with how hot this summer is going to be. Last year because of the heat, I developed rashes all over my body and I had to take steroids. It’s alarming how every summer, we record the hottest day especially when we know that we have contributed to this. My son mentioned this line to me when read it in the net:

NASA reports that by the next 10 months, earth gets hotter by 4 degrees from now. Himalayan glaciers are melting @ rapid rate. Our climate is changing drastically & it’s getting worst. Help fight Global Warming by 1.Planting more trees 2.Not wasting water, 3.Using cloth bag, not burning plastic. Tell everyboday! SAVE THE EARTH!

I feel for my kids and the next generation. I just pray that we can still do something to save Mother Earth!

Going paperless

Written on January 24th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

paperlessLast week, I received a memorandum from my boy’s school regarding the use of eBooks. I immediately signed it with my approval. Going paperless is one of the best way to help our environment. Although I know it will take some time for it to be implemented, at least they are starting it.

I remember back when I was working, our department have started some processes to start a paperless office. Aside from the fact that it’s healthy for Mother Earth, reducing the amount of paper usage can have a lot of advantages such as minimizing storage and enhance the accessibility to information. Imagine? You can read policies and memorandum through your computer and download forms whenever you want to.

With the help of document imaging and media conversion services, old document forms will be converted to digital form.

Soon, everything will be paperless and Mother Earth will greatly benefit.

The pack rat in me

Written on December 10th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

A “pack rat” is someone who keeps or collects a lot of different things, even when they are not useful or valuable.

Yes, that’s me! I hate to admit it but I am a “pack rat”. I try to save a lot of things for future use only to find out that I will only end up throwing them. However, I also feel that I have gained more benefit from being a pack rat than just ending up in the trash.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. That is the main purpose of why I save things.

Scratch papers – I set aside scratch papers so I can reuse to print my children’s reviewers and I believe I am saving a lot of trees by doing so.

Ribbons – Those ribbons from cakes, wines and other gifts that we receive, I will neatly put it aside and when Christmas comes, I have a lot of ribbons to use.

Toners and cartridges – instead of just throwing them away, I sell them to those Re-inkers and gain some for the kids piggy bank. However, it is interesting to note that I have never used inkjet ink cartridges that are not original since I am afraid to damage our printer.

Plastic Bottles, newspapers and boxes – Every year, my boy participates in their schools recycling drive and this year, we have donated almost 20 kilos of recyclables.

Plastic Bags – although I also have reusable grocery bags. Plastic bags cannot be avoided but instead of just throwing it away, I reuse them as a trash bag.

No matter how small my efforts are, in my own way I will continue to do this in order to help conserve our planet, the only one we have.

Just say “Thank you!”

Written on October 5th, 2010 by sassymomone shout

Thank YouA compliment is an expression of praise, admiration, or congratulation.

So how do we respond to a compliment?

It is quite surprising how people struggle in receiving a compliment. How many times have anybody complimented you on your new haircut, your fabulous attire, or even the simplest “you look good today” and you have to tell them, ” “What do you want?” (“Anong kailangan mo?”) As if you don’t deserve to be complimented? That you think people will only compliment you when they need something from you. Sad isn’t it?

Funny how a simple “Thank you” is all you need to respond to this positive act of expression. Yet a lot of people tend to forget to say it and just shrug the compliment away. Either they are shy or just don’t how to react properly when given a compliment.

So next time someone tells you, “I love your hair!” , just say “Thank You.” That’s all it takes.

Occupational Safety and Health

Written on June 17th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Being a Human Resource practitioner, one of the major concerns of management is to look after its employees, protecting the safety, health and welfare of people in the workforce. I am proud to say that almost all of the companies I have joined have very clear policies regarding this and this initiative is truly admirable.


Companies should always bear in mind that people is their most valuable resources. Fostering a safe work environment greatly impacts productivity which more than enough basis for a company to reach its goals. Increased productivity equals improved bottom line.

It’s a shame to think that other managers and top level officers believe that pay is the strongest motivation for people to work. Studies have shown that people do not necessarily perform more when they are paid well. There are a lot of factors affecting employee productivity and one of which is the work environment. Providing the workforce with an environment conducive to working, with proper tools and equipment is a major factor for employees to reach the maximum level of productivity.

Occupational Safety and Health does not only affect the management and its workers but it can have its secondary effects among family members, customers, suppliers and even the community.  It’s an interdisciplinary concern that can be achieved by the management initiatives and employee’s support for the program.


Asbestos cancer is a rare cancer. Also called mesothelioma, it affects individuals exposed to asbestos, most specially for people who have handled asbestos at work not knowing the danger it can bring them.

Photo : “Adjust by mindfrieze on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.


Let’s support Earth Hour 2010

Written on March 11th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Supporting Earth Hour has been one of the advocacies I am very proud to support. It’s my own small way of promoting the world’s largest global climate change initiative.

This year, Earth Hour takes place on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm (local time). Whether you are an individual, a business enterprise, or a community, you are invited to get involved. Just turn off your lights for 60 minutes and you can make a big difference.

I am very proud that the Philippines topped Earth Hour 2009. Over 15 million Filipinos in 650 major towns and cities from distant islands participated last year.

People from all walks of life are one in this global action, because we all have one thing in common – our planet. We need to do this for a sustainable future. This is the second year for my family to participate, and it’s a joy to know that my kids are more excited than me.

You can support Earth Hour by:

1. Turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27.
2. Showing your support and adding yourself to our world map.
3. Adding Earth Hour widgets, logos and banners to your blog or website to help us spread the word.
4. Talking about Earth Hour in your social network by updating your Facebook status, grabbing a Twibbon, tweeting about your support, and more..
5. Get together with your friends and family, by hosting an Earth Hour party or holding your own candlelit affair.
6. Rally your local council or community group to run an Earth Hour event for your community.
7. Encourage your employer and workmates to take part in Earth Hour and make energy savings every day
8. Make an Earth Hour Lantern as a symbol of hope for the future.
9. Be creative! Find a new way to mark Earth Hour and email:[email protected] to let them know all about it.

Maguindanao Massacre : an act of atrocious cruelty

Written on November 26th, 2009 by sassymomone shout

Maguindanao victimsWith the recent events that transpired in Maguindanao, one cannot help but feel sad and angered. How can the people behind this appalling brutality sleep at night? I guess they do not have a conscience to bother them.

Although its miles away from where we are now, I cannot help but feel for the families who have lost their loved ones. No one deserves to be brutally murdered like that. It is a rather sad reflection of our country’s present political state. We have yet to start the campaign period, what more?

As I hear and read updates from the news, I am even more enraged to know that some of the victims were sexually abused before they were killed. Such an atrocious cruelty! I pray for the souls of these victims that they may find peace and that justice may be served.

The presence of private armies makes me shudder and I fear for my family, my kids and the future generation. I do hope that this coming elections we will be able to elect people who will have the political will to not only look into this matter but do something about it. And I truly pray that this unpleasant incident will not just disappear from the news, just like any other issues concerning the government.

I am sharing with you the statement issued by Senator Trillanes regarding this incident.

by: Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV
It was a very sad day for our country yesterday. Forty people were reportedly abducted and killed in broad daylight allegedly by the security men of political warlords in Maguindanao with the possible involvement of some local law enforcement units.

The news may come as a shock for some but the truth is the brutal massacre merely highlighted what has been going on in many parts of our country all these years. This is ‘political warlordism’ at its worst! To further aggravate matters, the AFP/PNP are either accomplices, silents partners or helpless onlookers in these occurrences either by choice or through pressure from superiors. Often, the AFP/PNP area commanders are pressured or bribed by local politicians into issuing firearms for the latter ostensibly for security purposes but actually ends up being used for kidnapping, robbery, harassment/coercion, tribal wars and, in this case, a massacre of political foes. In an incident in 2001, then Col. Narcise, a newly assigned brigade commander in Basilan, recalled the government issued firearms of then Gov. Wahab Akbar but after a few days Col. Narcise was directed by then DND Sec. Reyes to return the said firearms to Akbar. The late Governor was a political ally of GMA and a personal friend of Reyes. Afterwards, Col. Narcise was unceremoniously relieved from his post by Reyes at the request of Akbar. Similar situations are happening in Maguindanao and other strife torn areas throughout the country.

That said, I will be filing a resolution on Monday calling for a Senate investigation on the Maguindanao massacre to find out the circumstances that led to this gruesome crime with a particular focus on the possible involvement/negligence of the AFP/PNP. Also, it intends to determine how many firearms have actually been issued by the AFP/PNP to all local officials not only in Maguindanao but all over the country with the end in view of recalling such firearms. Earlier, I have also filed a Gun Control Bill that intends to curb the proliferation of loose firearms. The bottom line is: WE HAVE TO GET THESE GUNS! Now, this is just the first step. Ultimately, only an aggressive political/governance reform and development agenda can restore peace, progress and democracy in these areas. Let’s just hope Noynoy (or whoever will be the next president) has one.