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If Papa can do it..

Written on October 27th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Last week, classes were suspended due to Typhoon Juan. I took the chance and brought my son to the barber shop. This is one task that needs to be spontaneous, since I have to literally drag my son to have a haircut. ( I still cannot understand why my son hates to have a haircut.)

While waiting for my son, I was reading some magazines and halfway through the haircut, I can see my son’s head falling down and the barber would have to fix his position. Yes, he fell asleep! I was smiling as the barber tried very hard to cut his hair while he was asleep. Well, I couldn’t blame my son, it was a “bed weather” day.

He finally woke up when the barber started brushing his nape to take off the small remnants of hair. With eyes still reddish, he smiled at me. As we stepped out of the shop, I asked him.

Me: How can you possibly sleep while somebody cuts your hair?
Son: (smiling) I dunno. Well, if Papa can do it so can I.

I bursted out in laughter. Men and their sleep. I guess my boy takes after he father.

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Teacher’s pet

Written on October 8th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

As I picked up my son today, I saw one of his friends who is always the quiet type. I sometimes wonder what attracted them to each other, the boy is just the opposite of my “blabbermouth” son and this boy always gets “O” in conduct. If my son would get an “O” in conduct that would really be the day. I even told his adviser that I would treat the whole class if my son would get an outstanding in conduct.

This was  the conversation between me and my son after fetching him from school.

Me: (Smiling) How come you never get an O in conduct? Ever since you started school, we never had that award.

Son: (all smiles) Mom, I try my best but these teacher’s have this habit of looking at me whenever I am talking. And when I stop talking, they turn their heads the other way. I think I am their favorite.

Me: (Bursting out into laughter) What? you mean, you’re a teacher’s pet? (LOL!)

Son: (laughing with me) Yes, why don’t you believe me?

***Note: Outstanding in Conduct award is given  for the good behavior shown by the student. This award is given every trimester in my son’s school. 

Talk about sarcasm

Written on October 5th, 2010 by sassymom5 shouts

I passed by Shangri-la mall with my son and noticed the sign saying that Rustan’s Supermarket is “Now Open”. After doing some errands told my son that we will pass by.

As we were going down the escalator, I noticed a lot of “SALE” sign.

Me: (with excitement) Oh, look! They’re on SALE!
Son: Yehey! Come on let’s buy things that we don’t need.

Hmmmmp. Talk about sarcasm. He’s just like his dad who hates shopping.

That did not dampen my spirit and went ahead to score a real good bargain. . .Buy 1 Take 1 on Jasmin Rice.