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New Year in Boracay

Written on January 3rd, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

It has been my family’s tradition to go out of town for the New Year. First we just booked ourselves in any hotel in the Metro and watch the City’s Fireworks display. (We are totally anti-firecrackers, that’s why we prefer to watch.) Last year, we went out to Subic and this year, we welcomed 2012 in Boracay with the whole family.

It was indeed a different experience for me and the kids. For me especially, because I am not a sun-worshipper — I am totally afraid of the sun. However, I told myself last year that I should try getting out of my comfort zone and I have been doing a lot of those last year. Basking in the sun was not a fun experience but when I am in the water, it’s a different experience.

I guess I am more of a water person, I could probably stay in an indoor pool the whole day. Hmmmm, I might as well look for water spas like those powered by pentair pool — there’s actually one near our place.

Going back… the memories we’ve made especially with kids, are priceless. My daughter wants to go back. I just love how adventurous my kids are, even though I couldn’t catch up, I try my best! We stayed at Epic Bar Boracay for the New Year’s countdown. With my siblings and the kids we partied the night away. Yes, with my kids! Where else will they go??

The New Year experienvce in Boracay was indeed different. The beach front was literally jampacked. Filled with people, young and old, locals and foreigners alike, were all having a good time anticipating the Fireworks display provided by different hotel establishments along the beachfront. Even my mom stayed up to watch them.

My children enjoyed the breeze and the music — dancing the night away. A lot of moms might say, huuuuuwaatt??? Yeah, I start them young. At least they get to feel and experience it as early as now, and they won’t be ignoramus like me. Better with us first, in a controlled environment than whoever it will be that I do not even know. They’ll come to that stage and when they do, they know what to expect.

The makings of a party peep is what I can see from my kids ;-) Funny, cause I never experience that with my Mom and now my Mom sees me doing it to them… and with the blessing of my siblings at that… LOL!  Oh well, they have to start somewhere.

I hope you all had all had a fun-filled New Yearr’s celebration with your loved ones. Here’s to a year filled with prosperity, happiness, peace and love. Happy New year everyone!





Party Favors

Written on July 7th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

party favorsI always like attending parties. It’s a happy way of reuniting with friends and families and of course, celebrating a joyful event. And as I noticed, parties today have evolved. It seems that parties nowadays will not be complete without party favors.

These party favors represent the appreciation of the individual or the family for gracing their event. These small gifts or souvenirs are what matters when throwing a party, the more unique it is, the better. The most common souvenirs given during parties are cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and decorated brownie pops. For a sweet tooth like me, that’s truly heaven. My kids and I even choose from those different designs and flavors.

Choosing a unique party favor for your event will depend on your theme and budget. As much as possible, you should make it as personalized as possible. Customization also depends on your personality, most people love colors when they are fun and bubbly, some opt for pastel, everything depends on what you prefer and your supplier would gladly do it for you.

Now, I am thinking if I should make my own souvenir on my next party? Hmmmmm?

Proud Mom!

Written on February 27th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

Still can’t get over it, yesterday was truly a gratifying day and every mom would feel so proud.

Woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning to make sure that my girl gets up for her 5:30am call time. It was a big day for her and her team. It’s the WNCAA Cheerdancing Competition and their school will be competing.

I tagged my boy along  and we arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the gate opened. For me, it was not as nerve-wracking as their their first competition but I am sure the girls were so tensed at the moment. As we entered the arena, I saw the girls prepping up.

As the program starts, I can already feel the tension in the air especially when they saw the “competition”. I readied myself to video their performance as they were lining up. The girls were good! Better than their performances before. The stunts were clean, although they were minor mishaps — but it’s normal nothing major. The team is getting better each time I watch them perform.

SPCP High School PEP SquadWe had to wait until all the divisions were completed before the winners are announced, much to the boredom of my boy. The wait was not as nerve-wracking — the girls had a fun time reviewing their performances as recorded by their parents (including me), shared their meals, watching the other teams perform and just sharing fun times together. The camaraderie, the team spirit and the dedication they show that pushes me to support my girl in this endeavor. That even if I see her so exhausted from the everyday training, her dedication is admirable.

And so the announcement came…. once the 1st runner up was announced (St. Pedro Poveda), they immediately knew they were the Champions.

I even shrieked at the announcement! I could not contain my excitement. The girls were all jumping and screaming, who wouldn’t? It was a Proud Momma moment for me and I just want to share it. These are the things you live for….

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Excitement awaits you at Active Fun

Written on September 14th, 2009 by sassymom7 shouts

Active Fun StoreFront

It was a rainy Friday afternoon but the heavy downpour did not dampen the enthusiasm of our kids as they engage themselves in active play at ActiveFun. Mommy Bloggers and our kids were invited to experience their newly opened branch at the Annex of SM City North EDSA. This activity center features the longest indoor slides in the country plus the other facilities where the kids can exercise and develop their motor and coordination skills. Nowadays I feel that this is important since most kids do not get the opportunity to play actively because of the hi-tech gadgets available. They would rather be in front of the television, play online and other console games.