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It’s more fun in Alveo!

Written on August 3rd, 2012 by sassymom2 shouts

They say, “Good things come to people who have the patience to wait, and even greater things come to people who persevere and work hard for their goals.”

A month ago, I decided to join the sales force of Alveo Land Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Ayala Land Company– the most well established real estate developer in the Philippines. Last July 30, Alveo Land paid respect the most hard-working people in the sales force with their Mid-year awards. It was nice to see people going up the stage and reap the fruits of your labor. I once read Oprah saying, “Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” I believe that is true.

People might think that I am in mid-life and it’s too late for me to start a career in sales, but I just shrug off the thought. I am on my third month here in Alveo and I am enjoying every minute of it. And mind you, with me taking an effort to dress up for the Woodstock event –which was the theme of our Mid-year sales award, is an affirmation to my being immersed into the sales culture.

I joined the Alveo to hone the salesman in me — which is I think my weakness, and to be able to use my God-given skills and talents. I am here to succeed and not to prove anything to anyone. One of these days, I picture myself receiving one of those awards — and when I set my mind to it, I will work for it. With God’s grace, I can be the best!

I am blessed to be part of a very supportive group of people, from the company, my Director, to my Group Manager and to my team members. God has directed my path leading to success which leaves me no excuse to succeed. I can say it is really more fun to work in ALVEO!


Alveo Land – Innovating the way you live.

Some of our projects Kasa Luntian- Tagaytay, High Street South Block -Bonifacio Global City, Marquee Place and Marquee Residences, - Pampanga, Verdana Homes Mamplasan, Celadon Park/Celadon Residences – Manila, Kroma Tower -Dela Rosa Makati, Solinea -Cebu, The Lerato – Malugay, Makati, Two Serendra -Bonifacio Global City, Ametta Place – Pasig, , Ferndale Villas in Quezon City.

Contact me : Salen Trillanes, 0917-8523843 for details.





Choosing a college degree

Written on December 2nd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

“Mom, I want to become a Forensic Scientist,” exclaimed my teenage daughter who is now in high school. I gazed at her in disbelief swallowing before I retorted, “I think you need to go to the States for you to have the best education in that field…. and I think your Papa needs to work double time for us to afford that.” She only smiled at my reply.

That conversation gave me both shock and admiration at my child’s dream. Well, it was mainly contributed by television — the likes of CSI and Bones. It’s a good kind of influence. I would have preferred for her to be a doctor but I would not want to dictate what I want for them like what my parents did. Dad wanted me to become a nurse, that’s why I transferred to a school with a nursing degree in the hopes that I will change my mind. Honestly, I could not imagine myself wearing those nursing scrubs, not to discredit the nurses but it’s just not ME! I would faint at the sight of enormous amounts of blood. That’s why I honestly admire those in medical field, that is definitely not my line.

As parents, hubs and I agreed that we will not force them to take any degree that they do not want. You need to enjoy what you are doing for you to be successful. Ain’t that right? Choosing a college degree will be the mark of what you want to become. It’s the stepping stone to your dreams. It is critical that you discern what you really want.

All we have to do now is pray and work hard that we can sustain their college education (crossing fingers).

Starting your day right

Written on October 21st, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

I personally believe that the secret to having a perfect day begins with how you start your day. Speaking from experience, it’s always best to wake up on time in order to jump start your day. Even when I was working, I never had the habit of beating the clock or even consuming the given grace period for one to be declared tardy. Not to be righteous or anything, but who would even want to always be catching your breath because you were running to beat the clock? Or smelling the scent of your sweat during the early morning meeting because you didn’t have time to freshen up?

SLEEP EARLY – A perfect day begin kicks off on a relaxed mood. When you wake up in the morning knowing that your body have acquired enough sleep (that’s at least 6-8 hours of sleep), your body is a 100% recharged and ready for a whole new day.

SET THE ALARM -During the days, when I really need to get up early. I set three alarms, my bedside alarm, my phone and my house help, just to be sure! Exactly what days are those days? Training days- as a training person, I need to be there before anybody else so I can set-up the room. Important meetings – just like I said, I want to enter a room in a relaxed manner, this way my aura exudes from inside and out. Remember when you are positive, you invite positive things. Flights – no one would want to late for a flight or you’re in big trouble especially if people are waiting for you on the other end.

STRETCH A LITTLE If you do not have time for a full work out, do a little stretching. You need to let your blood circulate a bit.

FRESHEN UP Nothing beats a nice shower to perk up that foggy head. It’s not only a way of cleansing your body but also your mind.

TURN ON THE MUSIC Studies have shown that listening to music that has an upbeat or strong beat can stimulate brainwaves which leads to a more alert mind.

EAT BREAKFAST from the word itself, it’s breaking the fast, that’s why it is the most important meal of the day. You get all your energy from this meal. Funny, because I am never a breakfast person but I see to it that I take at least any one of the following a toast, cereals, oatmeal or pancakes and of course, my daily dose of caffeine.

Lastly, THINK POSITIVE– having a positive outlook in life allows you to deal with any stressful and frustrating situation. My secret, I offer my day to the Lord. That no matter what, I know everything will turn out fine.

The practice of starting your day right to end with a perfect day is a matter of choice. It’s quite a challenge but it can be done. So make your choice.

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Talking business

Written on September 15th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Once in awhile I find myself talking business with my kids. Yeah, I believe it’s never too early for them to realize the value of working hard and how to earn your own money. These kinds of talks are the things I missed when I was growing up. Oh how I wish some one inspired me on how to invest, although it’s never too late but I wish I have started early. With my kids, I am hoping that they will start early.

What I try to imbibe in my children is that we, their parents, work hard to give them a comfortable life. That soon, what we have invested should be working for us even when we are not strong enough to manage them because we will then reap the fruits of our hard work.

Having your own business is really the way to go however I encourage them to be employed and learn more about the corporate discipline probably land some management jobs in one of the more popular multi-national companies. That would be amazing.

But since they are still young, we are taking it slow… soon, they will learn.

Learning the basics of Photoshop

Written on July 3rd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Recently, I enrolled in a basic Photoshop class with Leo Castillo of Photoworks Academy. I enrolled because I wanted to learn how to enhance my photos and with Leo as the teacher, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I took up basic photography class with him and I truly appreciated his approach.

I was right! I learned the basic techniques of Photoshop and more– Less lecture but more on actual, hands on training. I never thought I would learn so much in four sessions coming from zero based knowledge, but I did!

After learning the basic skills, I thought it was enough but he included a couple of advanced techniques like the liquify, blur and other effects. I had fun throughout the session.

Now, I have learned that all those magazine covers are enhanced through Photoshop. It’s interesting how you can make a person appear younger just by some quick touches using Photoshop. Good thing I still wouldn’t have to do it on my own photo but if I have to, I’d probably do, just for appearance sake. But before that happens, like any other women out there, I am trying to delay the ageing process by using anti-wrinkle creams as early as now.

There are a lot of anti-wrinkle creams out there that are recognized by dermatologists, it’s up to you to choose the best that will work for your skin.

As much as possible, we want our beauty to be as natural as it can be not a Photoshop-ed beauty.


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Occupational Safety and Health

Written on June 17th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Being a Human Resource practitioner, one of the major concerns of management is to look after its employees, protecting the safety, health and welfare of people in the workforce. I am proud to say that almost all of the companies I have joined have very clear policies regarding this and this initiative is truly admirable.


Companies should always bear in mind that people is their most valuable resources. Fostering a safe work environment greatly impacts productivity which more than enough basis for a company to reach its goals. Increased productivity equals improved bottom line.

It’s a shame to think that other managers and top level officers believe that pay is the strongest motivation for people to work. Studies have shown that people do not necessarily perform more when they are paid well. There are a lot of factors affecting employee productivity and one of which is the work environment. Providing the workforce with an environment conducive to working, with proper tools and equipment is a major factor for employees to reach the maximum level of productivity.

Occupational Safety and Health does not only affect the management and its workers but it can have its secondary effects among family members, customers, suppliers and even the community.  It’s an interdisciplinary concern that can be achieved by the management initiatives and employee’s support for the program.


Asbestos cancer is a rare cancer. Also called mesothelioma, it affects individuals exposed to asbestos, most specially for people who have handled asbestos at work not knowing the danger it can bring them.

Photo : “Adjust by mindfrieze on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.


What’s your dream job?

Written on April 16th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

As a child, I always have a dream job in mind – to be a lawyer! But I guess you can’t always land your dream job.

Changes in one’s interest, personal strengths, personality are some of the factors that contribute to a shift on career preference. As for me, the biggest challenge was financial — I opted to take a four year course so I can land a job immediately.

As an option, I would have wanted to take on jobs in finance, however I realized I am not a genius in math. So I asked myself, what do I enjoy the most? I enjoy meeting and dealing with people. A job that requires me to interact with people is the perfect job for me. That’s how I landed a job in Human Resources with Training on the side.

I guess I still landed my dream job after all….

Why choose to have a Post Graduate Study?

Written on March 20th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

Being a Human Resource practitioner, I have seen the advantage of having a post graduate course. More than your job experience and competencies, a post graduate education can help give you a competitive advantage in your employability. Depending on your chosen field, there are professions that greatly require courses beyond your usual three to five years of undergraduate study. This will make you specialise in a certain area that you can utilize to further enhance your career.

However, attached to acquiring a post graduate degree, there are also qualifying exams you need to undertake in order to qualify.  For instance, you want to obtain a master’s degree in business in management, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) is what you need to take.

GMAT® is a standardized exam taken by students who are applying to business schools. Still, you need not worry since there a lot of educational institution that gmat prep courses you can take and are available even online.

The workforce is a jungle and you need to arm yourself with the necessary qualifications in order to gain a competitive advantage. So, if you are given the chance, grab it!