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Limited space in the city

Written on February 25th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

Hubby’s office is finally habitable! Although we still need to complete the finishing touches, for now, this will do.

In the photo is the view from his office which I will often use since he is not around much. It’s the first time today that I held office in that room, and much to my surprise I was so productive. I am enjoying the view and the quietness of the room, away from disturbances at home.

I am proud that hubby has already established this office and it’s so near our residence and far from the traffic of the CBD — but as you can see, I have the view of most of the CBDs in the Metro. And most importantly parking is not a problem! In Makati, pay like a P150 per day for whole day parking. Honestly, why would I look for an office where even my guests won’t have parking.

Frankly speaking, the CBDs have very limited space even for a parking, that is why most parking tenants are coming up with ideas to double up their parking spaces like the garage car lift, which is becoming popular nowadays especially in Manila.

Best of luck to my hubby in all his business endeavors.

Out with the old..

Written on January 17th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

This month, I am giving up two of my business, in which I am a partner, to give my full attention to my new business.

Out with the old, in with the new….

I finally got my business permit yesterday, it’s under my name and now I cant truly that I am a certified entrepreneur. A good way to start the year!

I just hope and pray that this will be a successful venture. I have tried a lot of business, I have failed in some but I will not stop trying.

For this year, I am filled with so much hope. I am summoning all the positive energy in this world to help with this new business venture.

And while at it, I am browsing at Cyber Monday sale, trying to score a great deal for a laptop. :-) teeheeehee…

Business is peaking

Written on November 7th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

It’s our third exhibit for our bazaar business and we can already feel the Christmas rush… sales are peaking up and I am so happy. As we countdown the days towards Christmas, more and more shoppers will look for Christmas gifts and of course, to buy things for themselves that means more sales for our bazaar.

We have learned a lot from this experience, and now we are confident about our market and the items that we need to sell as well as the items that are saleable. It was a trial and error thing for us to know what the market wants, but we have learned.

Joining bazaars is a preparation for us to have our own store. I hope that this Christmas season, we will be able to save enough money to fund our rent for own store, that is our ultimate goal. Soon, we’ll have our POS and well be using thermal printers like Epson TM-T88V. I can only dream :-)

Finding your own space

Written on September 21st, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

I just came home from a fruitful but tiring tripping with hubby and my boy — who wanted tag along,  in search for an office space. Yup, an office space for my hubby. It’s been ten months since he started his own architectural practice and now it’s about  time to expand a little, so finding his own office is already a must. It’s exciting but at the same time there’s a hint of fret of what the future has in store for this new business venture.  But we are very much optimistic with all the prospects  at hand and with God’s grace, I know hubby will be a success.

Finding your own space be it your office or your home, is always an exciting experience. After our tripping, both of us sat down and did a brainstorming session for the office look.  The decor, lighting, fixture and furniture, everything should have a hint of the owner’s character.  Like in your own home, the receiving room or living room is the space where guests can see the owner’s distinctive characteristics.

As to your own space and sanctuary, it is always essential to find a space where you can feel tranquil and lets you express your creativity or your personal ideas. The place you live and work should be something that you look forward to go to everyday, that is why your personal touch is a requirement.

Like in my home, my personal sanctuary is my bedroom. No matter how cluttered the kids are in the other areas of the house, as long as my bedroom is quiet and free of clutter … I always look forward to lying on my bed every single night. Oh, I know the gentlemen have a different perspective… others look forward to spending time inside their entertainment room, or the den or even the garage. I know of some men who loves to hang out at the garage with their male friends. That’s why they make sure that they have their beer fridge there and wants every detail of this space perfect up to the material used as their garage floor coating.

Whether it is your workplace or your home, always find an area where you can have your personal touch, a space you can relax, be creative and will make you feel good :-)

Credit Management

Written on July 13th, 2011 by sassymomno shouts

1LOANI admit, I am no guru when it comes to credit management. I have gone through the worst in cleaning up my credit cards. It’s a very good lesson but unfortunately I have to learn it the hard way.

So here I am writing, hoping that people might read this and learn a little from my mistakes. Especially those who are just starting to earn the moolah they have worked hard for.

Inflow vs Outflow – One important thing I have learned in order not to drown yourself in debt is to count the money you spend against the money that is coming in. To do that, you need to know how much you are earning daily and spend only that within that range. Better yet, if possible, devour only 80% of what you earn. To make it simple, live within your means.

Know your needs vs your wants - Essentials like food, shelter and clothing are what we need to live everyday. However, we need to discern what we need and what we want. If you happen to love a new style of bag or shoes, check your savings and make sure to purchase it only if you really can. If you can still live without it, might as well shrug off the urge to buy it. Oh, I know it’s not that easy … I can tell from experience but it can be done.

For instance when eating lunch and you crave for coffee, you can settle for a more affordable coffee rather than go for Starbucks. If you compute a cup of Starbucks everyday, that will be approximately P3450 a month (that’s only for a tall size!) Can you imagine the savings you can get? Not that I don’t like Starbucks — I love it! But I only indulge once in a while and when my budget permits it.

Use your credit cards wisely – If possible, make it a habit to purchase on a cash basis. Utilize credit cards for emergency and make sure to pay it in full. If you have the habit of paying only the minimum payment, that surely will land you a lot of trouble. Interest rates will soon catch up with you if you continue to practice this habit. If you are already in this state, work with collections agencies to write off your debts and try to negotiate a reasonable payment arrangement. Although, under the Philippine laws you cannot be imprisoned by unpaid debts but dealing with collectors can be stressful. And if you do not pay your debts, this will surely affect your credit standing.

List down your monthly expenses – Once you have done this list, you can identify the expenses and what budget you can work with. From there, you can discern which you can reduce in order to have a little savings.

Save up for the rainy days – A savings of 20% of your income is ideal. It is important to have money stashed somewhere in cases of emergency. We wouldn’t know when the need arises. Not only does it give us the emergency money it can even be used to avail of  a well deserved vacation.

I hope these tips are helpful. Personally, I still struggle everyday to keep my spending only for the essentials but I do fight the urge. I just look at how much money I earn today and only spend as much. If you make it a habit, you can do it.

Getting in touch is easy

Written on February 4th, 2011 by sassymomone shout

With the rise in technology, it is easy to touch base with family and friends anywhere in world. It’s amazing how we can update each other with what’s happening even if they are thousand miles away.

I remember when I was working in a multinational company, I can attend meetings set by our head office in New York, with all the regions in the world represented without me flying all the way to the Big Apple. I can even attend the meeting in the comfort of my home, and talk to other regions via the technology called Conference calling. Amazing, isn’t it?

Even when I was in the US, I keep in touch with my kids every single day via video call. Hubs, often tell me that I am an OA Mom because I wake up very early in the morning just to check on my kids. Well, aside from the fact that I have a separation anxiety at that time, it was exam week when I left them and the guilt of me not being there is killing me. Good thing, I can easily talk to them whenever I want.

Starting your day right

Written on October 21st, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

I personally believe that the secret to having a perfect day begins with how you start your day. Speaking from experience, it’s always best to wake up on time in order to jump start your day. Even when I was working, I never had the habit of beating the clock or even consuming the given grace period for one to be declared tardy. Not to be righteous or anything, but who would even want to always be catching your breath because you were running to beat the clock? Or smelling the scent of your sweat during the early morning meeting because you didn’t have time to freshen up?

SLEEP EARLY – A perfect day begin kicks off on a relaxed mood. When you wake up in the morning knowing that your body have acquired enough sleep (that’s at least 6-8 hours of sleep), your body is a 100% recharged and ready for a whole new day.

SET THE ALARM -During the days, when I really need to get up early. I set three alarms, my bedside alarm, my phone and my house help, just to be sure! Exactly what days are those days? Training days- as a training person, I need to be there before anybody else so I can set-up the room. Important meetings – just like I said, I want to enter a room in a relaxed manner, this way my aura exudes from inside and out. Remember when you are positive, you invite positive things. Flights – no one would want to late for a flight or you’re in big trouble especially if people are waiting for you on the other end.

STRETCH A LITTLE If you do not have time for a full work out, do a little stretching. You need to let your blood circulate a bit.

FRESHEN UP Nothing beats a nice shower to perk up that foggy head. It’s not only a way of cleansing your body but also your mind.

TURN ON THE MUSIC Studies have shown that listening to music that has an upbeat or strong beat can stimulate brainwaves which leads to a more alert mind.

EAT BREAKFAST from the word itself, it’s breaking the fast, that’s why it is the most important meal of the day. You get all your energy from this meal. Funny, because I am never a breakfast person but I see to it that I take at least any one of the following a toast, cereals, oatmeal or pancakes and of course, my daily dose of caffeine.

Lastly, THINK POSITIVE– having a positive outlook in life allows you to deal with any stressful and frustrating situation. My secret, I offer my day to the Lord. That no matter what, I know everything will turn out fine.

The practice of starting your day right to end with a perfect day is a matter of choice. It’s quite a challenge but it can be done. So make your choice.

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Securing your business

Written on October 2nd, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

The all seeing eyeFor almost ten months now, I have been running a small business. It’s what keeps me busy aside from writing.
Hubs and I decided to venture into this small business as a way of investing so we can reap some rewards in the near future. For a first time entrepreneur like me, I took on the operations knowing that I can do it full time. Yes, the tasks was not that difficult, the major setback perhaps would be finding a good help.

No matter how you try to be a good employer, trusting your people with “moolah” is definitely a challenge. No wonder a lot of businessman put every necessary precaution to secure their business enterprise, no matter how small it is. Security should take priority in order to protect your investment.

Believe me, it’s no joke! Our very small business has not yet celebrated its one-year of existence and I have changed personnel already. It was a necessity to change because of “theft”. Yes, these people know all kinds of tricks in the book to slowly get money from you without you knowing it, until it hit you straight in the face.

I guess these are hard lessons learned from being a beginner. One thing for sure, “It’s hard to trust people when it comes to money matters.”

I am now thinking of installing spy cameras to monitor their every move. I am checking on my options now and I have seen how technology is working to my advantage. How great is it that I can check on my people even when I am at home. Cool isn’t it?

Quite an investment but it’s worth it.

Photo: The all seeing eye by Casey West on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

Gold as an Investment

Written on July 28th, 2010 by sassymomno shouts

The Lure of GoldFor women like me, gold has been an object of desire because of it natural beauty. I personally have acquired my own set of gold jewelries even before I got married, not only for its exquisiteness but it’s also for investment.

Gold is one of the most sought after means of exchange dating back centuries ago. Its beauty has made it a universal currency.

A lot of individuals nowadays are using it as an investment to protect them from fluctuations and depreciation. You can say that gold investment is a safe haven against any socio-economic and political instability.

How do acquire gold as an investment? Personally, I still have to learn about the ABC’s of Gold Investing. Investment advisors can educate you on how to properly invest on this precious metal. You can self –study and buy your gold in an outright purchase or even buy gold online. Obviously, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable dealer. Be sensible and conduct a background check for your safety and peace of mind.

In recent years, we have seen markets crash and having a diversified investment is one way protecting your life savings. As the old saying goes, “Do not put your eggs in one basket.”

Photo by The Lure Of Gold by bogenfreund on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.