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Goodbye Summer

Written on June 24th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

Summer has ended and kids are now back to school. Their summer program has also ended. My son, who took up piano lessons this summer, refused to join the recital. I guess he still has to overcome his stage fright. Next summer, he wants to learn the guitar and pay the electric guitar like the epiphone les paul silverburst. Oh well, as long as they are happy and more blessings would come for me to afford it…It won’t be a problem.

I love summer! especially when I know that the kids are home and I can spend quality time them and cook up vacations and even staycations — it’s enough to make me happy. For soon, I know they will have their own activities that won’t even include me at all. For now, I am still savoring the moment ;-)




Happy 18th!

Written on June 24th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

I am blessed to have a wonderful and talented daughter like you. It gives me pride to see you grow up responsible and with full of dreams. Keep it up my daughter! The world is yours to conquer. Papa and I will always be there for you.

My prayer is that you continue to be strong in faith. The Lord will always lead you to the right path. I love you.

Time to Celebrate!

Written on April 18th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

To pass a Licensure Examination is a big thing and to think that our exam was only a portion of what Architects, Engineers, Doctors and Lawyers took during their licensure exams. My renewed confidence to these profession for all their hard work.

Now, my batch mates from the review class, will be having our own victory celebration. After all the difficult, back-breaking review, it’s time to celebrate! Wines will pour out and cigars will be lit. Time to mingle and renew our network for our new profession.

While the real estate environment is still on the rise and investors still have the trust and confidence in our economy, I pray that this endeavor of mine will be a successful one.

I passed!

Written on April 1st, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

I am proud that I am now a Licensed Real Estate Broker! Yippeee! After 120 hours of studying another 16 hours of review and my own personal review time (which took out most of my social life for almost 3 months) — I passed! The hard work paid off.

I took the REBLEX (Real Estate Brokers Licensure Exam) last March 17. The exam took one day with 400 items to answer. It was exhausting. And after finishing the third exam, I really thought I would not make it to the cut. Good thing the questions in the first and second exams were mostly what we have taken up. I think that pulled my scores.

I thank the good Lord above for guiding me….. I offer this to you!

Limited space in the city

Written on February 25th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

Hubby’s office is finally habitable! Although we still need to complete the finishing touches, for now, this will do.

In the photo is the view from his office which I will often use since he is not around much. It’s the first time today that I held office in that room, and much to my surprise I was so productive. I am enjoying the view and the quietness of the room, away from disturbances at home.

I am proud that hubby has already established this office and it’s so near our residence and far from the traffic of the CBD — but as you can see, I have the view of most of the CBDs in the Metro. And most importantly parking is not a problem! In Makati, pay like a P150 per day for whole day parking. Honestly, why would I look for an office where even my guests won’t have parking.

Frankly speaking, the CBDs have very limited space even for a parking, that is why most parking tenants are coming up with ideas to double up their parking spaces like the garage car lift, which is becoming popular nowadays especially in Manila.

Best of luck to my hubby in all his business endeavors.

Choosing the right sofa

Written on February 12th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

The living room /receiving room is the first place visitors see when they enter your house. It makes a lot of sense to say that a sofa is one of the most important furniture purchases.

Before buying one, you should consider the space, the look that will fit your personal style, the usefulness, and of course one that adds character to the room.

In my hubby’s dictionary use comes before aesthetics. That’s why in every major purchase at home, I see to it that the efficiency of the item comes first before I look into its beauty. For instance, in a sofa, the fabric plays an important role to its usability and beauty. When the kids were growing up, we knew that a leather sofa would last more that the regular cloth. Since you cannot avoid kids jumping up and down on it even if you tell them not to, a leather fabric is a great idea. I do not have to worry about having it cleaned periodically. I remember having had a leveling feet placed on my old sofa cause one of the inner support broke down. It was because my son thought it was cool to practice his jumping skills. Hahaha! I could only laugh remembering it. And I did not lift a finger to replace it since it will be a futile exercise. Now that the kids are quite grown up, I have changed my sofa into a nice looking one with the fabric I want.

Grad Ball

Written on February 12th, 2013 by sassymomno shouts

Yes, I will have a college student next year. Time flies so fast and I have been telling myself that for the past years. I sometimes cannot cope up with it. Oh well, I just have to make the most out of it.

Next month, my daughter will graduate from high school. What she is excited about right now is her graduation ball. I have hired someone to make her ball gown. The firs fitting went well last night and she is happy with the dress. Photos to follow — I don’t want to preempt the excitement.

As for the stage mom — that’s me! I have arranged everything to make her night a memorable one.

Winter Clothing

Written on December 14th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

First time I am here in the US and it’s winter, although there’s no snow in the places I have visited, it still is very cold! It’s fun to wear boots and jackets all day… one thing I cannot do when you live in a Tropical country.

Even in LA, California it becomes very cold at night especially when it’s raining. I wear socks even when I go to sleep.

I have shopped for winter clothing (that’s what I call them). Now they will have their own space in my closet since I won’t be able to use them. At least, I already have them. I shopped here instead of back home since I can look for bargain prices here. Next, I will have to buy my kids so that when we travel, they will also have their own winter clothing.

find spenco insoles here

Packing my Balikbayan Box

Written on December 14th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

After a month here in the United States, I can’t wait to go home and see my family. But my trip would not be complete without sending a Balikbayan Box or should I say boxes — this is where I stuff all the goods I have shopped and will be shipped home in a month’s time. I just love shopping here in the US. Great finds at cheap price! Plus I can buy things that are not sold in Manila.

As I write this post, I am done packing my first box. I am sealing the second box on the day that I will leave. It’s actually my 3rd box– the first one I sent during my first leg in San Francisco. Sorry! I can’t help it. I arrived two days before Black Friday and I panicked! LOL!

I just need to make sure all the things I bought are safely tucked in the box the “fragile items”. As for me, I also need to take care of myself in packing these items especially in handling the single edge razor blades.

Still Pinoy’s Pride

Written on December 14th, 2012 by sassymomno shouts

I was blessed  watch Pacquiao’s last fight. It was indeed a heartbreaking loss most specially when you are there to see it “live”. My heart skipped a beat, I thought The Champ will not get up once again.  I was relieved when he finally did.

I rode with the “Team Pacquiao” from Las Vegas going back to Los Angeles. It was quite a convoy — Pacquiao and his wife, Jinky, rode the Pacquiao bus. The guys  were all so down but you can feel that they are trying to be strong for the person they call “Brod” — short for brother. Likewise, the Champ is staying strong for his family and friends.

Contrary to what others believe that he will retire, I don’t think the Champ will retire with that kind of loss. It is not a good way to retire. I heard they are cooking up the next fight this April. We need to watch out for this.

Whatever his critics say about him, let us not forget that he brought Pride and Glory to our country.


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