It’s bound to happen. You could be watching the kids on a rainy day, or you might just have the weekend off with them. If you are trying to think of things that you could all do together without spending extra money, why not consider organizing your home and letting the kids have fun by helping them make some recycled crafts! These instructions will show you one of the all-time best recycled crafts that will entertain the kids, help you to start declutter your home, and keep your wallet happy.

Bleach Bottle Piggy Bank

  • Bleach jug (or Milk jug) washed thoroughly
  • Googly eyes (black marker or paint works too)
  • Old news paper
  • Paint or markers
  • Pipe cleaner
  • 4 bottle caps
  • Tape and/or glue
  • Scissors or knife (Parental use only advised)


After washing the jug thoroughly, place newspaper down in the crafting area. Help the kids cut a quarter sized slot at the base of the handle on the jug when it is standing vertically. Lay the jug on its side and wrap completely in newspaper up to the cap (leaving the cap able to be turned off) and use the tape/glue to hold it on. Attach the 4 bottle caps on the opposite side of the cut slot with tape/glue to act as legs for the piggy. Paint the jug and cap to the desired color and let dry. After it is dry you may add the googly eyes or simply draw them on and add the pipe cleaner tail to the back of the pig (bottom of jug). After designing the jugs cap to look like the nose of the pig, the kids should have a fully functional piggy bank with a way for their allowance to go both in and out, and you should be a little closer to organizing your home by getting rid of excess newspaper and plastic bottles. Along with these instructions, there are multiple other crafts that you and your kids can enjoy making together while also organizing your home, so get into that clutter, get recycling, get creative, and, above all else, get to having fun!