I was blessed  watch Pacquiao’s last fight. It was indeed a heartbreaking loss most specially when you are there to see it “live”. My heart skipped a beat, I thought The Champ will not get up once again.  I was relieved when he finally did.

I rode with the “Team Pacquiao” from Las Vegas going back to Los Angeles. It was quite a convoy — Pacquiao and his wife, Jinky, rode the Pacquiao bus. The guys  were all so down but you can feel that they are trying to be strong for the person they call “Brod” — short for brother. Likewise, the Champ is staying strong for his family and friends.

Contrary to what others believe that he will retire, I don’t think the Champ will retire with that kind of loss. It is not a good way to retire. I heard they are cooking up the next fight this April. We need to watch out for this.

Whatever his critics say about him, let us not forget that he brought Pride and Glory to our country.