yogini on exercise ball Ever since I watched Kung Fu Panda 2, my fascination in yoga have been revived. One should find their “inner peace” according to Master Shi-Fu. I have been a member of a fitness club but my interest seems to always fade. One reason maybe because the boredom is setting when I am alone and second, I cannot do any hi-impact exercise because I have to take care of my knees. I need to find something that will be less stressing and with interaction, and Yoga is one of the things I can think of.

I have seen my blogger friends like Yogini from Manila live the benefits of Yoga. I believe Yoga can help me de-stress. It does not only increase flexibility but it can also tone and strengthen muscles though proper breathing.

Okay, okay! I think it’s time to look for a nearby Yoga studio and hit the yoga mats. Wish me luck! (wink)

Photo Credit : photo remix: Yoga woman on exercise ball – flickr_enthusiast_rocks_Nilmarie_Yoga-001 by adria.richard on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.