sunshine cofeeMy boy came home from school one day, full of enthusiasm.

Son: “Ma, will you let me borrow your point and shoot camera?”

Me: “Why?”

Son: “’Cause I signed up for the Camera Club.”

With a smile, I immediately said “Yes” without even thinking about his lack of responsibility when it comes to taking care of things. I wouldn’t dampen his eagerness. The smile that it placed on my face was priceless, knowing that I was instrumental in making him be keen on this new leisure pursuit of his. A “photographer wannabe” is what I often call myself and I guess my boy was inspired to take on the same thing.
Each time we go on vacation and even weekend getaways, I can always see his interest in taking photos. He would often borrow my camera and show me his photos as he seeks some kind of approval from me. It didn’t occur to me that he would take it on to the next level and enroll himself to a “camera club.”
As a parent, I cannot help but feel proud and excited. Parents have a role in nurturing their children’s talents and skills. Our full support will give them a boost in pursuing the whatever gifts they are passionate about. Like the flowers in our own garden, we sprinkle water everyday, enough sunlight and a lot of love and care and they will bloom on their own.
It is not all about intellect or what we desire for them but we need to keep in mind that they can only be successful if they fully enjoy what they are doing. Now and again, we will stumble upon things or situations that we often do not agree with however, we should learn to discern and consider the point of view of our children. It is their life, we are only here to guide them.
As to my boy, although I still am having second thoughts in letting him use my point and shoot camera (wink), but I am not stopping him from pursuing this interest. I’ll probably search around for some cheaper cameras like casio cameras digital or other brands.


The photo above which I named sunshine coffee was taken by son using my Nikon D3100.