Pancakes and sausageWe all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it’s always a struggle to convince your kids to take in food every morning. Even with the daily reminder it is the first meal of the day that gives them an energy boost, the grueling experience still continue.

After my daughter was confined in the hospital, I once again had a chance to remind my children that they need to take care of their body by taking in healthy foods, drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep. Especially my daughter, who is so figure-conscious. I told her she can opt to have a healthy breakfast by eating oats and cereals, which is always readily available at home, rather than not eating anything at all. I believe that the lack of nutrients coupled with insufficient sleep, was the culprit in weakening her immune system especially when you are an athlete.

For someone who seldom gets sick, who is vibrant and athletic, staying in the hospital for days was one experience my daughter abhored. I trust that my daughter has realized that there are ways to be fit without sacrificing the health.

Breakfast is the meal that fuels our body giving us the energy to carry out our tasks within the day, that is why it is important to “break your fast” everyday. Someday soon my children will be on their own and I do not intend to use spotting scopes to monitor their every move. I trust that I have instilled the habot of healthy eating that they will adhere to as long as they live.