When I was working, I used to hate road trips. Given the choice, I would prefer the locations that would travel by plane. I just feel that I am wasting so much time traveling, I’d rather do something else productive that just sitting down waiting for the vehicle to arrive at the destination.

However, that all changed when I left the corporate world. I began to enjoy every moment, not like I am running after a deadline all the time. Now, as long as I have left everything arranged for my business to run in my absence, I now savor the time I spent on the road especially with family and friends. It’s always fun to journey places, whether it’s an unfamiliar territory or a place you frequent to, always be armed with road and travel safety. Be attentive and watch out for areas offering roadside assistance.

Enjoy and have fun! …. Life is too short. We should work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor while we can. Although, it’s also practical to keep on saving but what are we going to do with the money when were old — or worse sick?