No matter what you gender is and what age you are, one needs to be physically active in order to maintain good health. Not only physical health but mental and emotional health as well.

Recently, while in the company of old people, I have come to realize that ageing should not be a reason for a person to be inactive. Not only because we need it for our metabolism, but also for our mental alertness. I have seen people succumb into depression due to lack of any activity– be it physical or any other endeavor. Elder people, most especially do not only need money and company but let’s admit it, they need to be self sufficient to avoid the complications of their age.

It made me recognize my mom’s need to for company which most of the time, I cannot give because of our busy schedule. That’s why whenever possible, I send her cakes, snacks and flowers. Also, I have come understand why they become so irritable, that’s why whenever possible, I try to extend my patience in the company of elders for soon I will be just like them.


This Mother’s Day, honor your mother’s by simply spending time with them. Gifts need not be lavish but there are more affordable ways to remember them like chocolates and roses. ProFlowers promo codes enables you to send fresh flowers to your loved ones at a lower price.