ChurchTraveling, as I always say, is a very good learning experience. When traveling locally and especially in other countries, we meet a lot of different people and learn about different cultures. Of course, one thing that really gives me the thrill (aside from shopping) when traveling are the different places and sights that I can capture with my camera.

Having your own camera is the most important thing you should bring when traveling especially with the rise of social networking sites, you can now share your beautiful photos with your friends as if they were there traveling with you.

When traveling, if possible, dig a little something regarding the country’s history, this will give you a better understanding of their culture and traditions. Hubby who is my best travel buddy, who is an architect makes me appreciate architecture, historical landmarks and even modern skycrapers. He taught me to recognize the value of good architecture … seeing not only plain building be it metal buildings, old churches or modern structures. Then it’s up to me to translate it to magnificent photographs.

For me travel and photography comes together, it is one way of freezing your memories. It let’s you live the experience whenever you want to.