9As a mom to a cheerleader, I sometimes cannot help but worry about her getting injured. Once she came home with a bruise on the lips, the other time a sprained ankle and so on. I try to be strong but deep inside, I am concerned. Good thing she’s not a flyer — the person the goes up in the air during a stunt — or I’d probably die of heart attack watching her.

I always remind her to play it safe. Prevention is better than cure. It includes knowing the rules of the game and using the proper equipment and gears. I have provided her with support braces for her wrist since she lifts and ankle to support her balance. Good thing there a lot brands available in the market such as aircast hand and wrist support.

When she complains about these injuries, I try to be a mom and show my concern while being strong by saying that if it really hurts then she will have to stop. The latter one I guess is not an option for her at the moment. Her passion for this endeavor is quite commendable for a girl her age.

Well, this is just me being worry wart. I can’t help it … I’m a MOM!