With the rise in technology, it is easy to touch base with family and friends anywhere in world. It’s amazing how we can update each other with what’s happening even if they are thousand miles away.

I remember when I was working in a multinational company, I can attend meetings set by our head office in New York, with all the regions in the world represented without me flying all the way to the Big Apple. I can even attend the meeting in the comfort of my home, and talk to other regions via the technology called Conference calling. Amazing, isn’t it?

Even when I was in the US, I keep in touch with my kids every single day via video call. Hubs, often tell me that I am an OA Mom because I wake up very early in the morning just to check on my kids. Well, aside from the fact that I have a separation anxiety at that time, it was exam week when I left them and the guilt of me not being there is killing me. Good thing, I can easily talk to them whenever I want.