BebeYesterday, I was watching ANC’s Shop Talk and they had guests talking about photography as a side job. Despite the chores awaiting me, I stopped a little to watch and listen. It’s funny how I can relate to their passion however as much as I want it to be my “side job”, I can’t! (at the moment) That is because as we all know, camera gears are not inexpensive and that is not the foremost in our priority list.

Admittedly, it disappoints me that I do not have the means to purchase those expensive gears and at times making me lose the fire in pursuing this passion. However, about three weeks ago, the passion was once again fired up when Hubs won a DSLR camera. It was a good upgrade from what I had and he willingly swapped my old one to his new one. I guess the Gods must have been talking to me.

Yes, I want to take a step forward and enroll into an advanced course — once I have fixed my sked. And if there’s one thing I want to focus on is Baby Photography. I just love the innocence I see in their eyes. And I want to capture it and freeze the moment. They say it’s much harder to do this cause you really cannot teach them to pose. What the heck? It’s the digital age, it’s not as if I’ll be wasting rolls of film.

I love babies, how I wish I could have one of my own. I am now looking forward to practicing baby photography with Hub’s new nephew. Can’t wait! Maybe they can use the photos as part of baby thank you cards they will give away.

Photo : Bebe_15 by Chesi – Fotos CC’s photostream on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.