clothes for boysYesterday, we got an invitation for my two children to participate in a Debutant’s ball. My son will be part of the 18 roses and my daughter will be one of the well wishers for the 18 candles. The party will be next month and yes, I am the one excited for my kids especially for my son, it’s his first formal party. (wink)

As early as now, I am window shopping for the right wardrobe. Going through the rack of gowns and mens ties. It motivates me to shop and create the perfect look for my kids. I guess that’s the “Fashionista” in me that’s working.

For my son, we will soon visit the tailor for his custom made pants and vest. As for my daughter, I have done my pre-shopping and we will soon hit the racks with her so she can choose her gown and of course, her shoes. The stage mom can’t wait, LOL!

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