Hubby just turned a year older last month and from my observation, he is just starting to enjoy life. I am so glad that he is now into golf. It’s a big relief since I cannot drag him to the gym. Exercise is an important part of our health especially when we are ageing.

For my husband, age is just a number. I haven’t seen him age except for the additional weight, he still looks young! I hope he will continue to stay active, happy and contented, that’s my birthday wish for him. I love taking care of my family. With that, I make sure that they have everything they need — food, exercise and even vitamin supplements. I do not know if hubs would sort to using hgh supplement, but if the doctors say it’s okay, then why not! The kids are into B-Complex supplement to boost their growth maybe ageing people can also have this supplement to boost the immune system, control blood sugar, strengthen bones and reduce fat. It’s worth a try.

Oh, well this is me expressing my thoughts!