Printed photos“Print your photos.” That is one of the tips my photography teacher gave us, his students.

In this day and age, where everything is digital, it is easy to forget about printing our photos. Almost always, it gets stuck in our hard drive and we only look for it when we need it. He actually has a point there. I admit that when I started to have my digital camera, I seldom print my photos. That is why when I heard that statement from my teacher, it struck me. . . Guilty!

The reason why most of us take photos is to capture or freeze the moment. As for me, being a mom, photography is mostly to journal my children’s growing up years. Good thing there are online printing services available nowadays. I can just choose my photos, send it to them and they will just mail the printed copies to me. I can do these right at the comfort of my home and payment is very convenient too. Paypal and credit card payments are accepted. However, if you still opt to have the more traditional way, go to your favorite printers, just as long as you have it printed.

So, for you guys out there who still has a lot of photos in your hard drive, why not turn those soft copies into hard copies. You can even make scrapbooks out of it.