“If you cannot be part of the solution, do not be part of the problem.”

It’s another way of attacking the problem by not being part of it.

I am a worry wart and I admit that! I used to worry a lot and when things seem to be too much to handle I drown myself to tears, to my husband’s dismay. Hubs would tell me, “What can your tears do? Will it help us solve the problem?” It took a while for those words to sink in to me. But now I can proudly say, that lady has long been gone.

I have learned to control my emotion and take action. That is only one of the manyy positive things I have developed in my years of being married. I have learned to be strong not only for me but mostly for my children. It’s not good for children to see their mother crying, it troubles their young, delicate minds.

Taking action is being part of the solution and not contributing to the problem. Can you imagine if I have continued with being emotional? I would probably die of depression or heart attack and that would mean another major, major problem for the family. Makes sense, right?

Like if my people come to me with a problem, my first question would be, “So, what’s the solution?” I told them never to confide a problem to me without presenting a resolution or other alternatives. That is how we become part of the solution!


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