Gifts from my BabyProbably one of the most frustrating realities of pregnancy has to deal with having stretch marks. I was never aware of this occurrence probably because my mom never experienced it. But it’s all in the past, what I  fear now is that my daughter would have the same dilemma and I would not want her to go through the same discomfort and embarrassment.

At an early age of 14, I have seen the signs of those ugly stretch marks on my daughter’s legs. Since she is a very athletic girl, her muscles are getting firmer and becoming more developed which causes stretch marks. Now I am asking myself, is there really a product that can really  reduce stretch marks?

Doing my own research, I have gathered some information that might help such as the application of lotion, Vitamin E enriched creams, cocoa butter, Olive oil, and the like. One thing in common though, the skin needs to be moisturized. I don’t know if these things wil work or not, but one thing for sure… I will try them all if it means my daughter won’t have to go through the same ordeal as I have.

Photo: Gifts from my Baby by naysheℓℓ64 on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.