Buying a house can definitely a test of a person’s patience. It can be both difficult and exciting at the same time. The prospect of seeing a new house can be thrilling and once you know it’s not feasible, frustration comes in. Yes, it can be a roller coaster ride.

After experiencing these kinds of setback, I have now learned to control my emotions and prevent myself from getting too excited whenever there’s a new prospect arrives.

So, what do we really look for in a house?

BUDGET – Looking for a house in the Metropolis, can be doubly hard with the high price of land here. The area per square meter can give you a heart attack. It’s probably one of the major stumbling blocks in our house hunting. Although we can easily get one outside the Metro, but both me and hubs have grown up in similar places and we would not want our children to experience the stress of commuting everyday and facing the horrible traffic.

SECURITY AND SAFETY – Although we are not looking for a gated community, yet the environment should be secure enough for our family. The environment is a very important factor in raising kids. The place should be within a residential area and most likely away from main thoroughfares or commercial area.

PARKING – Everybody knows how narrow our streets are in Manila. So we want a place where we can park without obstruction or without waking up the neighbours just to move their car so we can go out. Plus, we love to entertain and it’s easy to invite friends if they would not have to worry about where to park and the security of their vehicles.

SPACE -  The trend nowadays are high rise building and believe me we have tried living in a condominium and if it’s just me and hubs, that would definitely work but with kids, it’s kinda hard to move around.

FIXTURES – Being married to someone who is technically inclined can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Hubs would rather build a house from scratch since he can lessen the cost but it’s hard to find just a lot without a house. I definitely agree with him because building your own house, you can customize your space according to your needs plus you can buy the fixtures you prefer.

When looking at a condominium, house or a town house that is already built, we look at the fixtures used, if they are of good quality or not. Like if you see that they use brands like Schlage on the locks and door knobs, the contractor definitely gave quality a priority.

Oh well, as of this time we still haven’t had the luck of finding the house that we’ll call our home. I leave everything up to the LORD. I know in HIS time, he will grant us our prayers.