ate in swimsuitGrowing up my daughter was always the chubby one, which was cute for a growing child. She’s neither obese nor overweight but she isn’t petite also. At age 12, she started dieting without my knowledge. I was working then and I realized she was skipping dinner. Honestly, it worked! She grew out of the plump figure but then you’ll notice how her face has dropped as if she was sick. I got worried and told her to stop and explained to her that she might be losing on all the needed nutrients of her body. She is a good girl and obediently did what I asked to but told her just to maintain what she started.

Now that school is about to start, she is now back to controlling her food intake. Belonging to a cheerleading squad, I know where the pressure is coming from. However as a mom, I worry about her being obsessed on her body image that she might end up having an eating disorder.

My advice is to have a diet that is high in fiber which I would gladly take into consideration every time I do my grocery. It will not be only for her but for the whole family including me. Good thing, I have trained them to eat cereals every morning.

Fiber has a lot of important health benefits such as lowering of blood cholesterol and controlling the level of our blood sugar. Promoting the regularity of bowel movement and preventing constipation are the most important benefits fiber can give our body which is good for colon cancer prevention.
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