After giving up my career in the corporate world, I am now trying to embrace the virtues of a single income family which is Simplicity, Sacrifice and above all Humility. Which are excellent virtues and I believe everyone should practice.

My kiddosThe joys of a stay-at-home mom cannot be compared to anything material. Please do not take this any other way especially the working moms, I grew up with one and I was once a working mom, juggling my life in the office and my responsibilities at home and I commend the moms who can successfully balance work and home. On my end, I believe that I need to learn more on how to do that balancing act. Now that I am a budding entrepremom, I am once again faced with the challenges of living a well-balanced life.

I believe I can do this! At the end of the day, even if I am caught up with my hectic daily activities, I always take a pause and reflect on the real reason why I am doing these things – for my loved ones especially for my children. Knowing that, I regain my perspective and know that whatever I set out to accomplish each and every day has a purpose.