Reading a bookAs a young adult, I have developed the habit of reading. It provided me extensive amount of knowledge and opened my doors to new and exciting adventures.

Now that I am a Mom, I encourage my kids to read and read a lot. At a very young age, I have opened the opportunity for them to read by providing them with books and other reading materials. Every time we are in the mall, I offer to buy them books more than toys.

I am an advocate of reading and here are my reasons:
Improved Vocabulary
More than the adventures they encounter in reading books, it greatly improves their vocabulary. Up until now, I have my dictionary beside me (if possible) whenever I read. I am not a master of the language, and one thing to develop it further is to continuously learn. My kids do that too.
Improved Academic Standing
As you read, you do not only improve your vocabulary but it widens your knowledge as well. Studies have shown that kids who are in the habit reading have better academic records than those who don’t. It enables children to put their own thoughts together and enhance their comprehension.
Reading is like travelling
It is the cheapest way to travel — you can learn about different cultures, customs and lifestyles of other countries without even paying for your plane fare.
Encourages discipline
Taking the time to read is a discipline by itself. It means giving up their time in front of the television set and their computer games.
Improves attention and mental ability
Reading is a very good way to improve your children’s attentiveness. Since they need to focus in order to better understand the subject matters, it stimulates their brain as they try to make sense of what they are reading. It is an active mental process.
It is a form of relaxation
One way to relax a is to grab a book and start reading. It relieves your tension and can ease your boredom.

The above mentioned are only among the few benefits that you and your kids can gain from reading, there is so much more. The best way to promote the habit of reading to your kids is for you to become a role model. When they see their mom and dad reading, they will also be encouraged.