As I turn another year older, becoming old is simply not what I feel but I rather consider myself growing in wisdom. The past year has made me realize a lot of things in life, events that really changed my perspective – as I see things more differently now, more than ever.

To begin with, I would like to reflect on my present blessings, which so many people tend to neglect, myself included. Whatever challenges or difficulty life has posed on me, I have literally paused for a while, count every bit of blessing that I have received and picked myself up form where I left off. Here I am now, allowing myself to realize how blessed I am, experience the wonderful gifts that surround me and becoming a medium of blessing to other people.

This has truly been a very good emotional and spiritual exercise for me. Like a glass full of water, I had to empty myself out in order to allow more graces to come in.

Blessings come in different shapes and sizes, it does not only mean material wealth – because I honestly do not have that. It’s how you maximize (to the fullest) the resources around you. For you may have a piece of good fortune in your hand, but if you do not use this to open up opportunities for you to grow and progress, it will wear out in time.

Opportunities should be something that promotes or contributes to people’s happiness and well-being and not only centered on your self.

I remember this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus said to his disciples “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.” And from the priest’s homily which I am quoting, “It is not thinking less of your self, but thinking of your self less.”

I know I will not be the same person I am many years from now, but one thing I know, is that I shall willfully give thanks for the things and events of my daily life, however little it may be. For it is in my belief, that the more you are thankful, the further you are blessed.

To my family, who continues to be my source of strength and inspiration, I am so grateful that the Lord has chosen me to be part of your lives.

To my relatives, friends, and my readers, who have in one way or the other have touched my life and enriched me to be the person I am now… my sincerest gratitude.

To my creator, thank you dear God, for everything I have now comes from You and I offer them back to you in praise. And I pray that I shall be the person you want me to be.


Photo courtesy of my brother